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Build #297 Update

Dear Trucking Company,

Well it was heard about the traps that there were a few trucking companies that just didn't have the right equipment to get Auckland done (not to mention a few other towns that were thought to need special gear but probably didn't).

I spent countless hours negotiating with Auckland on reducing the amount that they needed. After finally arriving at a suitable reduction the deployment server hit a glitch. "The what hit a what!!!?". Try explaining that one. Nope, it didn't go down well at all.

So sorry folks, Auckland are no longer up to reducing their needs. "We need food you know. And we need nice jewelry, too. Why should we go without just cause more people live here. Everyone else in other towns are getting what they are asking for. So, NO".

How could I argue with that.

I was about to throw the whole lot through the window when I got a call from those guys at Prebbleton. You know the ones that were buying your old trucks and selling them back to you as is, at exorbitant prices. As you may also know, they did get a wrap over the knuckles for this and are now reconditioning the trucks first.

So, in order for them to show good faith those Prebbleton jokers are now willing to give a few extra Power Boosts and Loaders to some of the trucks that come back. The new one and those small ones don't get any, but the rest will get some if they don't already have enough.

Regards and keep on truckin',

The Negotiator.

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