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Build #303 Update

An update of a few things plus some as requested by LOGistICAL players.


Trophies per Module

To the left of the money is the total trophies you have earned in LOGistICAL.

Now to the right of the money is the amount of trophies you have earned for the current module you are playing.

It starts as a darker gold colour and turns to the same gold colour as the left panel when the module is totally complete.


Where can I build my industries?

Click on the Industry button and then mouse down on any industry and the map shows every town where you can build that industry with a light blue dot.
This includes determination of town completion, town size and current industries present.

There is still the region indicator of the size of the industry.


How many industries can I build in this town?

The industry build icon in the town popup window now has a number on it indicating the number of industries that can still be built within that town.


Score display toggle

If you don't want to see the scores of your town accomplishments, you can now turn them off in settings.


Town cargo indicator

As requested, you can turn off the cargo indicator (spinning icons above town) in the settings.


New industries in new modules

You will have to find those ones yourself. I also adjusted the price of these new industries, and created a new industry category for them.


Adjustment of background blur

Put a cap on the blue amount on the background images and region names for when zoomed all the way in.


Missing return icon on 1st truck

One that has been missing for a while. The 1st truck on the list never showed the return icon. Now fixed.


Update of Load Game Buttons

The load game buttons now indicate the last module you were playing when last saved.

So many characters in there that I had to widen the button.


Pre-release now available

The beta is now available for those that like to get in early.
Live will be released in a few hours after this posting.

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