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Build #307 Update

A few little fixes after the last major one. Always seems to be that way.

* Initial tutorial is fixed and the tutorial video auto-opens to help those that are new to the game.

* Upgraded the game speed maximum to 32x. Minimum was originally 8x. There are new contracts scattered around the DLCs to allow these upgrades. They are not required, so you don't have to get the DLCs.

* Closed the back-door for the DLC access. Problem was that in doing so it would delete all the towns that you had managed to complete. This is fixed, so if you manage to get back in (front or back), your finished towns will be safely saved. This also protects games that may have any sort of intermittent problems connecting to Steam to validate their DLCs.

* Now getting the number of towns to complete of the released DLCs from the data. Now globe will be more accurate.

* Added a few mods in the California DLC. No one has completed it yet, so we don't yet know if all is achievable.

* Fixed the 2 second delay after completing a town.

* Australia was showing as Tute instead of country on globe.

* A NaN issue with the sound volumes of trucks. Not sure if anyone noticed, but the sound is 3d. It quietens if you move away from a truck or zoom out). Somewhere in this code, the value was lost and caused and error that escalated to more errors.

Well, there is so much on my list to do now. I will get to them all as soon as I can. Hawaii is on the way and will be testable in a couple of days.

Edit: Fixed a problem with truck lists now completing for those that had managed to get the trucks for the DLCs that weren't there. Don't worry, these trucks will come back if you get the DLCs.

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