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Strategy puzzle games by Sacada

Build #346

Another update towards to release of the Italy module.


Road dashes and Colour

Broken roads now have different dashes depending on the resource need to repair it. Dots and dashes distinguish them. There are only around 6 types, so not too hard to tell.

The colour of the broken road ranges from dark red (> 300t required) to pink (<20t required).

Broken Achievement Images

The in-game achievement images broke when the modular builds came out.
Regions that didn't have any industries to upgrade or roads to repair would never get completed images within the overall achievement graphic.
This has been repaired, so once you have a single town complete in that area the broken image will complete.

Tooltips and no Cicada

New tooltips have been added that will hover over all the different parts of the game popups.
Check them out, there might be something there to learn.
Also, if you think I should add a bit of information to any of them, let me know and that can be done.
You can turn them off in the settings and if you ever want to see them again, hold the control key down and mouse over the area so they pop up again.

Save game speed

A bit of work in this area to speed up the save process of saving your game.
More to come later.


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