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Strategy puzzle games by Sacada

LOGistICAL Build #486

Updates for LOGistICAL games, across all servers.


  • Ability for you to change the time saving interval in Settings (big game = big save)
  • Manually save by clicking the save icon (top right)
  • Save count down timer in front of the save text (bottom center)
  • Enlarged yellow town circles
  • Numbers on the yellow town circles when dragging vehicle    
    • Top Number: The number of resources that a town requires (>10 = star)    
    • Bottom Number: Approximate number of tons required for selected resource
  • Lightened the light blue glow behind towns that have industries that will satisfy the town needs
  • Added a line from the currently selected town to the town popup
  • Added ABC Islands module
  • Sound editing on the truck sounds
  • Removed the continuous truck murmer when sound is on. Now as short truck sound
  • Changed the "Level 3" goal to "Max Level" as some industries don't require a 3 tier upgrade (eg Tutorial)
  • Dim the trucks in extra modules when playing more than one module at a time
  • Approximate distance indicater when dragging a vehicle
  • Updated the Flinders Island tutorial to include "Basic Mechanics" of game playing
  • Set the Flinders Island industries to not require upgrading (except for the apple orchard, which is a tutorial)
  • Fixed new airplane achievements that weren't popping - Added Xmas2017 achievements to the ABC Islands module
  • Added and Xmas2017 flag
  • Updated the Tutorial flag
  • Removed the constant text over the flags (bottom right), so they only appear on mouseover
  • Fixed and highlighted blue the region on the town popup. Clicking will show status circles on the map
  • More French Translation (thanks HunterBill)
  • More Italian Translation (thanks Desangre)
  • More Russian Translation (thanks Shylight)

This release will automatically be available for all LOGistICAL games and DLCs.

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