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LOGistICAL - Translations

As LOGistICAL moves throughout Europe and other areas of the planet where English is not the first language, it would be great to get localized versions of the game created, especially to help new players through the tutorial section.

I have been working with a new enthusiastic Russian player (Mostcus) who also enjoys translating and now have the LOGistICAL shop, logo and the tutorial contracts of the game done in Russian.

Here is what the shop front looks like...

... and a contract inside the game ...

Looking great.

It would be great to get this into other languages and I would love your help to get there. There is already a Dutch DLC and a upcoming German DLC around the corner. Other countries will follow soon after.

As an indie dev on a shoe string, I can offer gifts (game and/or DLCs) for anyone interested in doing this as a "love" job.

My main focus would be the beginning tutorial contracts, but getting the shop descriptions, the logo and other stuff done would also be great.

Let me know if you are interested and what languages you can help with.

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