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LOGistICAL Update #503

A few updates to all LOGistICAL servers covering some new changes both front and back end.


- Updated the High Score/Leaderboard table titles to reflect the different types of tables.
- Modified the drag truck that highlights other towns that also require the resource to include all towns
- Adjusted the map sensitivity when clicking on towns
- "?" on industry building tool to show current industries and towns that can take industry on map. Mouse over to read and mouse down to activate.
- Only show single region on town popup when both region and sub-region have same title
- Fix for wrong towns showing up when dragging inputs, outputs or road resources
- When showing other towns that require a dragged resource (in grey) they interfered with highlighting industries. Fixed.
- Sold industries that required and upgrade continued to show the upgrade when it was dragged. Fixed


- Set the module name instead of country title for modules that have different module title.


- Created a Caribbean flag.
- Fixed truck and plane purchasing contracts that weren't triggering.
- Nerfed towns in Antigua and Barbuda (already on Caribbean Live).
- Removed duplicate town, Road Town in British Virgin Islands.
- Added Discovery contracts.
- Removed some building restrictions from Guadeloupe.
- Removed double road in St Kitts
- Fixed Jamaican Airline spelling
- Nerfed a town that no-one had done yet
- Fixed achievement "Fix road between Basseterre and Cayon"
- Added wood to a town in Jamaica so it can be upgraded to level 3 if other options have run out.

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