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LOGistICAL: USA - New York

LOGistICAL grows some more in the USA, introducing New York.

New York is big.
It includes New York City, which happens to be the largest city in the United States.
It also includes the well known boroughs of New York City - the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.
Then stretching all the way to Canada, there is Upstate New York consisting of over 1,000 other towns to complete with areas like Niagara Falls, The Great Lakes, the Appalachian Mountains, the Adirondack Mountains, the Hudson River and many other landmark areas.

Parts of the game include:
* A multi layer road maze to unravel with nearly 2,000 roads to repair
* Large suspension bridges to strengthen
* Supply and finish many large cities
* Work your way through the long complex maze of road enhancements to finally allow all your large trucks access across the state
* Many, many other small and large puzzles and situations to complete.

LOGistICAL: USA - New York brings you all the fun and puzzling of LOGistICAL with even more towns, more puzzles and much more to do.



* More work on the multi-truck select. Mostly backend.
* Update of save process with the roads (backend stuff).
* Ability to uninstall modules but retain the trophies and regional statistics.
* Ability to play offline (wip).

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Multi Truck Select

The first release version of Multi Truck Select (MTS) is now live on all LOGistICAL servers.

How it works

Selecting multiple trucks

Hold control key down and click on truck icon, truck name or truck cargo image in the truck list.
Background of truck will highlight yellow.
Originally selected truck will also be highlighted and be added to group.
Click again to deselect a truck.

Dragging trucks

Continue to hold control and drag the last truck from the truck list onto a town on the map.
Drag any truck on the map to drag the group on the map.
Drag any item from the town popup onto a town on the map to move the group.
All trucks will try to set up the new route if possible.
Any trucks that can't change route (ie already on delivery) should ignore new route and display error.

Click or drag a truck not in the group and you will deselect the group

Start/stop, dump all and repeat route

Start/stop, dump all and repeat route buttons are now clickable in the truck list so you don't have to open the truck dash for each truck and click on the required button. It is nice to quickly click down the list changing each truck.
I encourage using this method and very quickly it will become second nature.

For multi-select...
Hold control and click a button to toggle all the selected trucks.

Don't hold control and click a button to toggle just the selected truck.

Future Enhancements (soon)

Selecting with shift key.
Ordering trucks.

Thanks and Feedback

Thanks to all those that beta tested this functionality and those that gave great input for future enhancements.

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Hi-res Brighter Maps

A small LOGistICAL update with the new high resolution, brighter, more colourful, maps.



Giving LOGistICAL a bit of a face lift. Modules done so far include...

* LOGistICAL (Australia and Tutorial)
* Isle of Man
* British Isles
* Norway
* Italy
* New Zealand
* Japan
* US: Hawaii
* US: Oregon
* US: California
* US: Florida
* US: New York (Coming Soon)

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LOGistICAL: Japan

LOGistICAL expands into Asia, bringing you LOGistICAL: Japan.

LOGistICAL: Japan brings you over 900 towns to complete with 1488 Steam achievements.

LOGistICAL: Japan starts you off on the northern island of Hokkaido. Every region on Hokkaido is represented and there is a lot of work to be done around this island. The game then takes you south to the huge city areas.
This module is easy to begin but gets difficult around the large cities.

LOGistICAL: Japan also reintroduces higher resolution maps to brighten up your game.

A big thanks to Marco (desangre) for mapping out all the Japan industries and providing ideas for Japan's gameplay.

PROMOTION 1 = LOGistICAL: Japan release pack

For a short period there is a new "LOGistICAL: Japan release pack" which includes some of the most popular modules with a few easier ones thrown in.
Pack includes LOGistICAL (original), Japan, British Isles, Chile and US-Oregon.

PROMOTION 2 = LOGistICAL: Beginners

A new pack to help LOGistICAL beginners find their feet.
This pack includes the original LOGistICAL and a collection of the easier LOGistICAL modules (as selected by some of the LOGistICAL testers).
LOGistICAL, US-Hawaii, US-Oregon, US-Florida, Chile and The Netherlands.


Another attempt to make the save game functionality fast, asynchronous and not clash with the Steam API. Fingers crossed on that one.

Modular hi-res map images.

A bunch of little problem fixes.

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