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Blog posts March 2017

Build #275 Update

A small patch build for High-DPI display support.

For high resolution screens with a high-dpi, the game would not be displayed correctly. This issue has been resolved.

Screen resolution changes will be released in a subsequent patch. Just making the interface for it now.

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Build #266 Update

A new beta build is available for download and play.

This beta build addresses screen resolution changes.
There has been an ongoing problem where LOGistICAL slows down on some boxes when the game is played on high resolution screens. The game is also very difficult to play on large displays, like 4K screens, due to everything being tiny.
To avoid this problem a fix has been put into place that will detect screen resolution and if large force it to a more suitable size.
Upon exiting the game (clicking the game's "X" button in the top right hand corner), the original screen resolution will be returned.

For all screens less than or equal to 1680 pixels width, the game will automatically maximize without changing the resolution. No change here.

For all screens greater than 1680 pixels wide, the resolution will be changed to the largest possible size less than or equal to 1680. The game will also be maximized. Once LOGistICAL is exited (via the game's "X" button), the original resolution will be restored.

For duel screens, the Primary screen is detected, regardless of where LOGistICAL is running.

Moving from full screen to windowed will not change the resolution.

If you wish to try this beta version:
* Right click LOGistICAL in the Steam Library
* Click "Properties"
* Click the last tab "BETAS"
* Select "beta - Beta test"
* There is no access code
* Click "CHECK CODE"
* Click "CLOSE"

That's it. You are now a LOGistICAL beta tester. Please report any issues back to Sacada.


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Build #252 Update 2

Small build to update a few small things.

* Close quarantine point new Mount Gambier on Victoria-South Australian border due to possible fruit-fly infestation.
* Scroll points over truck list and money popups
* Few other smaller things done.

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LOGistICAL: Earth (not released)


Vote: LOGistICAL - EARTH (Greenlight)

LOGistICAL has now become the original LOGistICAL - EARTH concept which is adding more modules all the time.
There will still be a LOGistICAL - EARTH, but it will be a single game that covers the entire planet with transportation between all the major cities. There will be lots of new transport types, quarantine and political controls, challenges and you can bring the strategies.

I appreciate the input the current LOGistICAL group has bought to the game and welcome comment and feedback on this new venture.

Here is my Greenlight Blurb and Link...

Vote: LOGistICAL - EARTH (Greenlight)

For those that loved the original LOGistICAL, Sacada brings you a planet sized version of the game that covers all the large and major cities of the entire planet, Earth. Game play is similar to the original with many new resources, transports and other requested functionality.

For those new to LOGistICAL, LOGistICAL is a large open-world, strategy, puzzle game where you transport different cargoes to complete all the towns throughout the country.

The whole game is a huge puzzle while each town is it's own little piece of puzzling. There are over 1,000 towns to complete.
Plenty of towns are easy enough. Some take complex planning. Do them in your own order. Get bonuses for completing regions and contracts.
Some cargoes are easy to get. Others you have to create in industries. Use existing industries and build your own.
The further you get from the start the more strategies you have to use.
Pimp up your trucks with bonuses. Last truck delivering gets the bonus.
The towns and map are to scale. Current or historical industry placement. You could even say that playing is educational.

There is plenty more to keep you on your toes.
Towns consume the cargoes you are trying to get to completion.
Big trucks are great for moving lots of stuff, but can't travel everywhere.
There are lots of broken roads that need deliveries.
Upgrade the industries for better exponential throughput.
Cargo stores can sure come in handy.
What! I can't take my big trucks across the water on a ferry.
... and what is with those quarantine checkpoints?

Complete towns, roads, industries, contracts, regions and states for lots of in-game and Steam achievements.

Vote: LOGistICAL - EARTH (Greenlight)

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Build #252 Update

Build #242 fixing a few end of game achievements.

* All Industries fixed
* All towns fixed
* Northern Perth fixed
* Post Kembla corrected in contract description

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Build #242 Update 2

A second build for #242 fixing a few of the achievement issues.

* Kinross (WA) can now be achieved
* an intermitant bug that stopped all the trucks from being displayed is now fixed
* Global Leaderboards are now working.
* Background work on getting leaderboards up all regions achievements.
* a couple of general fixes.

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