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LOGistICAL: South Africa

LOGistICAL: South Africa released.

LOGistICAL: South Africa brings you a smaller module but with lots more puzzles to work through.

LOGistICAL: South Africa includes:
* 3 countries = South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.
* Industry Lock puzzles
* 3 levels of Quarantines
* 6 capital cities (which means 6 lots of 2x speed ups)
* Over 300 towns to complete.

Changes this build are mostly around back end fixes and the multi-truck selection:

* Mouse over on town and truck dims town if truck selected.
* A more solid foundation for the multi-truck select.
* Fixed a few drag issues with mult-truck where trucks already with cargo were being dragged to places that don't require that cargo.
* A few updates for L:California contracts.
* Function Keyboard shortcuts:
- F1 Help
- F2 Statistics
- F3 Settings
- F4 Trucks
- F5 Industries
- F6 Contracts/Achievements
- F7 Audit
* More translation updates in French and Russian
* Different coloured money highlights for the module you aren't playing (ie orange instead of yellow).

A big thanks to all those that have been testing all these updates already and also a thanks everyone for playing and keep up the great feedback.
A big thanks to the translators in all these languages. Excellent work.

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