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Blog posts November 2018

LOGistICAL 2: Update #653

Build #653 on LOGistICAL 2
- Fixed problem with upgrading roads to industries
- Fixed problem when trying to sell a truck
- Stopped L1 modules from loading from the globe until I get them working properly.

Build #650 on LOGistICAL 2
- Added button for upgrading roads with mouseover help on truck dash for L2 modules
- Added button for sending trucks back to depot with mouseover help next to skip, cancel and sell truck
- Restructure of startup globe for L2 games
- Use of high-score table data to populate the globe (numbers may be slightly out until adjustment period is over)
- Auto industry functionality for Suriname (Xmas 2018)
- Set all roads of length 0.01 or less to be made to take 100t trucks, so no upgrading needed.

Build #644 on LOGistICAL 2
- Region titles show as yellow once industry and roads are complete...
... caveat on this fix is that most of the roads are currently residing in the one region within the backend data. This is due to the L1 having each road joining a town and the town providing the region. L2 now has many roads that don't join towns and therefore are not mapped to their region. I do have a database fix for this, but haven't yet coded it into the game.

Build #642 on LOGistICAL 2
- Businesses that unlock a town show up white
- Added 6 new contracts
- Moved the business complete speedup contracts to the global contracts
- Fix when complete town/business has an undefined as a boost
- Fix when complete town/business has NaN as score and efficiency

Build #641 on LOGistICAL 2
- Save a "cancel road upgrade" fixed
- One way roads on 8t and less roads removed when upgraded.
- Toggle "M" key to show where failed navigation tried to find a route. Red, green or blue dots (as per the route colours).
- Minimum upgrade amount set to 1

Build #636 on LOGistICAL 2
- Fix for missing nodes (ie those that were created for a road upgrade) but no longer exist but are still in the truck data
- Fix for doing multiple nodes in a row (eg, a series of road upgrades).

Buld #632 on LOGistICAL 2
- Created low res rivers in USWA
- Make padlock already done colour in dark red
- Fix problem when upgraded road has trucks going to it when its finished and game is also restarted
- Fix problem of road fix to town is same as industry input but fix isn't registered

Buld #630 on LOGistICAL 2
- Adjustment to algorithm to find the closest road when selecting for a road upgrade
- Fixed a problem where the new upgrade materials don't always show.

Buld #629 on LOGistICAL 2
- All found businesses that have a resource that has just been discovered or built (as an industry output) now show immediately on the map.
- Fix padlock position
- Fix problem with trucks being at upgrade points that no longer show after save
- Fix problem of trucks not hovering over resources properly

Build #628 on LOGistICAL 2
- Fixed missing truck error.
- Found and fixed errors associated with upgrading the road to a town.
- Ability to "undo" a road upgrade.

Build #627 on LOGistICAL 2
- Created new industry logic and code for Suriname.
- Created discount industry price logic for future modules.
- Created new cargo size limits for Suriname.
- Added a smaller road size in Suriname.
- Added an indicator in the town popup of the maximum sized joining road.
- Added a orange square with resource type for towns locked by broken road.

Build #626 on LOGistICAL 2
- Fixed road upgrades that didn't work due to attribute that wasn't being updated.
- Fixed town that has upgrade road going to it to work once reloaded. More testing during play.

Build #625 on LOGistICAL 2: Belgium
- Mailbox at same location as Berlare moved a fraction so they don't overlay and you can't complete the mailbox if you did the town first.

Build #624 on LOGistICAL 2
- Click on resources of complete towns caused hanging in USWA. Fixed.
- Road upgrade functionality (beta):
You can now upgrade roads.
Press the "B" key to turn on/off road upgrading (will be a button soon).
Hover over any road less than the highest level motorway. It will show red.
Click on the road to upgrade it.
A message will pop up showing the cost of the road upgrade. Click yes to accept
The road will become broken until you supply the resources to finish the upgrade.
You can upgrade broken roads once they are fixed
You can upgrade the same road multiple times
There is a discount if the road being upgraded joins a larger road than the current one.
The closer the road size to the current the better the discount.

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LOGistICAL 2: Update #623

A few more updates to the Washington, USA map module as well as updates on the new multi-thread navigation code.

Build #623 on LOGistICAL 2
- New navigation fixes to stop all trucks obeying the rules of 1st or last truck
- ability to zoom in a bit more
- yellowed the region borders
- blued the rivers
- show rivers when scrolling around

Build #622 on LOGistICAL 2
- Fixed new navigation problem with only one truck takes the route with a multi-select
- Fixed problem with trucks of a multi-select are already at the destination and others aren't
- Fixed cake problem in the Poulsbo area of USWA
- "HELP keys" now shows up center screen
- Upgraded road section at Dollar Corner, USWA
- Upgraded road section near Spokane, USWA
- Removed resource from Brady, USWA
- Added padlocks to locked towns for dragging cargo
- Fixed a missing road segment
- Fixed sections where large trucks can't get out of
- Removed lines of the "module completion" section that gave maths errors due to zero towns or trucks

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