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Blog posts July 2018

LOGistICAL Update #536

A few updates to stabilize the new architecture build, plus some other stuff.

- Fix problem with New Zealand not opening
- Fix problem with NZ zooming into left hand side of main map instead of right hand side
- Update for planes in Caribbean that were not detecting the airport.
- A new contract in Brazil (Amazon Oil).
- There was an increase to the cost to fuel. This has been rectified.
- Game wasn't always exiting gracefully which could make it difficult to reload. Added a fix for this.

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LOGistICAL Update #537

An update to get the keyboard shortcuts functioning (WASD).

- Update to algorithm to find towns in large clusters of towns.

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LOGistICAL Update #529

A couple of updates over the last week.

First one that went out this week was an update to the redistributables, so there was no change to the game.

This new update has one major new change and a few smaller issues addressed. It will go out slowly across all servers over the next 24 hours.

Build #529

- Change of backend architecture to LOGistICAL for preparation of LOGistICAL V2. This is the main change of this build.

In summary, LOGistICAL: Version #2 will be based on more detailed mapping data. Roads will be intricate and "towns" will be more closely constructed out of actual shops, malls, industries and land use, etc.
The gameplay will continue to be similar and evolving, creating many new and interesting modules to play.

So far each LOGistICAL module has been designed with towns and then connecting the towns with roads.
This new architectural model now has an infrastructure of roads with towns sprinkled between them.

My first example test build includes 1,400 "towns" and has over 26,000 road segments with around 150,000 nodes. Each node is either a town, a road junction or a bend in the road.

Due to this large change, the routing algorithm had to undergo a massive change and optimisation. Using the old algorithm would take minutes to compute routes, but the new one is instant or just seconds across the whole map.
This new algorithm is backward compatible so you will be able to enjoy the routing benefits in all current modules, especially the larger ones like LOGistICAL: Russia.

As you can see from the images, I have also changed the graphics. I am still working on that.

There will be many changes in the near future, but what I want to continue to do is to make the system work for all the current modules. So far, so good.

General fixes

- New routing algorithm to speed up route planning
- Fixed a town in Brazil that had a blank resource
- Text written on the dash for superfast trucks changed to white
- When dragging mouse show uncompleted town with a completed resource for town need to show as dark green
- Once a truck is sold highlight the first truck of the current module on the truck list 
- keypress "U" = sell truck
- keypress "Y" = "Yes" on message box

Thanks everyone who continues to support and purchase the LOGistICAL games and give me the opportunity to continue to build more.

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