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LOGistICAL Update #540

An update to the interface and a few other things.


An updated routing algorithm that finds the quickest path.

Interface and other updates

- Easier to drag trucks to industries in crowded or zoomed out modes.
- Removal of lots of town icons showing when finding a resource for town input.
- Completed towns' popup now shows the region and sub-region the town belongs to
- Completed town, fixed road and upgraded industry popups now all have the flag of the module in the background
- Map ruler now at the bottom of the screen above the save text
- Sticky ctrl key fixed for ctrl-lettered shortcuts
- Fixed issue where resources weren't cleaning up upon game exit stopping a new instance of the game being launched.



- Introduction of Dutch for game interface and other areas (thanks Fransiscus)
- Update of Spanish throughout the interface
- Fix for Russian, French and Italian not showing for some of the newer industries and resources.

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