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Update #754

A small build with a few important fixes and a nice tool.

  • Added keyboard "F" to toggle better highlight of the end of roads
  • Fixed problem with padlock over input industries showing up at the wrong time
  • Found and fixed problem with top-left buttons disappearing and not reappearing
  • Fixed road contract in USWA that was stopping some games loading
  • Broke the roads in Belgium as they should be

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Town Score and the High Score Data

A modification to put a "cap" on the amount of points a business could receive was introduced a while ago in L2.

This process basically set a static value of the "truck tonnage" that was delivering to businesses, so you could do it with a large truck or a small truck and it didn't alter the final score for that business.
I think doing businesses with the smallest trucks available that could take days to weeks was just not good for anyone's health. I know. I have done it myself (Xmas 2017).

This "cap" for businesses actually introduced a problem as it also mistakenly applied to the actual towns that use consumption.
This latest for a short while until I noticed and corrected with a build update one day after the release of France.

Now it is time to correct this mistake.

While France is still active with lots of players that haven't completed it yet, this current build has a process that will find missing high score values and replace those missing ones.

To make this work, I am going to move the high score data from France that was posted prior to 2nd May 2019.
When you load your game up a check will be done between the count of towns in your save game and the high score table. It will then upload those missing towns to the high score table and balance will be restored.
The process involves queuing the data as I have found posting them all at once misses a large amount of them.
If it doesn't get them all the first time, it will continue the next to you restart your game. 
If nothing triggers at the start of the game, you can force it to trigger by clicking the statistics (F2).
It will only do it once during any game session.

You should see the data being processed in the "events log" at the bottom right of the screen.

Sorry for any inconvenience and I hope this process goes as smoothly as the test cases.

Happy trucking,

... and now onto the additional build modifications...

Build #753
  • Fixed problem with -ve values for Haulage (visible in to completion screen. ie click on town resources once town is complete). Does not fix current -ve scores retrospectively.
  • Routine to find missing high scores and resend them to the server (you need to be on the module where the missing scores are).
  • Extended routine for missing town highscores to include no towns on highscore server
  • Fixed collection of roads in Suriname
  • Corrected the total town amount in Suriname to 28 towns.
  • Put a ring around incomplete towns to see them better when zoomed out
  • Fixed a couple of rendering issues
  • Set a 1/2 second time delay when sending bulk records to the high score server
  • Set up routine to fix high scores after some get removed due to being incorrect
  • Added text under the % rendering to indicate what is happening
  • Moved the "Loading... " text up from the bottom of the screen
  • Added businesses to "missing towns on high score server" routine

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LOGistICAL is having its own special sale.

Last chance to grab cheap modules for a couple of months.

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