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LOGistICAL in Steam Winter Sale

Up to 50% off
Steam Winter Sale is now on and LOGistICAL is joining in.
Start: Dec 20, 2019
Finish: Jan 02, 2020

LOGistICAL 1 is 50% off
All LOGistICAL 1 DLCs are 40% off
All LOGistICAL 1 stand-alones are 40% off

LOGistICAL 2 is 30% off
All LOGistICAL 2 DLCs are 30% off*
All LOGistICAL 2 stand-alones are 30% off

* LOGistICAL 2: Mall Rats is too new to be discounted.

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LOGistICAL 2: Update #822

The Steam Autumn sale is on and LOGistICAL is in it. Lots of Discounts including:
50% off LOGistICAL
40% off LOGistICAL 1 other modules (DLC and Standalone)
30% off LOGistICAL 2 modules and additions (DLC and Standalone)*

*Does not include newer modules that are too soon to discount.

LOGistICAL 2: Mall Rats

Unlike LOGistICAL 2: Vampires, LOGistICAL 2: Mall Rats is not about sprawling rats.

Mall Rat: "a young person who frequents shopping malls, usually for social purposes"

Mall Rats is more along your traditional type of LOGistICAL game with an emphasis on puzzles. There is both the tough consumption towns as well as non-consumption "idle" malls to complete.
Mall Rats' roads is in the style of LOGistICAL 1 with straight lines between towns.
Mall Rats cover all the states of the USA and also approximately another 1000 additional towns.
Travel is between the state capitals and then down to each of the towns and businesses.
The businesses are the malls of the USA. There are a lot of them and some are huge.

Mall Rats uses big, fast trucks with lots of puzzling town locks to figure out.

Mall Rats should go live on the 2nd Dec 2019.

LOGistICAL Updates Build #822

There are a bunch of standard updates with some fixes to some of the newer modules like Texas, Indonesia and Vampires.
There is also a couple of new features.

The Towns are Back

For those that have missed the towns on the map, they are back.
They are looking just the same but now you can turn them completely off in the settings.
The choice is now yours to view them or not.

Control Drop

I love this one. It is very simple and once you get used to it, it may also become your favourite new tool.

While dragging a truck with a cargo, you will often hover over the providing industry and find that it is in need of a resource input. To cancel creating a route, you have to drop the "drag" somewhere and then have to find that town somewhere on the map.
Once found you then drag the input resource to find its source industry. This can happen a few times.

NOW... you can "ctrl drop" the "drag".
When you drag your truck over the source industry, hold down the control key on the keyboard and then drop the truck. A route is not created and instead that town is selected. You can then drag the input resource (or whatever you needed to do) without having to re-find that town.

I am finding that I am using this in a variety of ways.
If I need to find an industry of some sort (for example a wool mill), I find an industry that has fertilizer in it (there are lots of them).
I start dragging any truck (even one that is doing something totally different as you don't end up assigning that truck a job so it doesn't matter).
I drag the truck to a shearing shed industry.
I then "ctrl-drop" onto that town.
The town with the shearing shed is now selected.
I can then drag the wool from the industry output, over the map, to find the wool mill and "ctrl-drop" onto that town.
Done. I have the wool mill industry's town selected.
I can then select an available truck and use it to do whatever I needed to do.

Superboost Redistribution

There are a few modules that use superboosts. They are the ones that keep multiplying your truck's speed by 2x, 4x, etc.
The problem is that only the final truck delivering the cargo gets the superboost.

Not anymore. Now if your last delivery truck is already maxed out with superboosts, that superboost will go to your oldest truck on your list that isn't superboost maxed out.

If all trucks are maxed out, then the superboost is wasted.

This will work for all older modules that use superboosts.

Bulk Pin Removal

If your map is looking like an acupuncture scene, you can now remove many pins at once.

Press "shift-O" to remove all the pins of the same colour and stripe colour (shift-P).
There is a warning message, just in case you change your mind.

Truck Dragging

Just a few updates in the truck dragging routines, like turning off all the business icons so you can see your map better.

Thank You

I would just like to publicly thank all the testers that have worked on this upcoming module and on all the LOGistICAL modules over the years.
It is a love job and they do a tremendous job trying to complete each module before the release dates. Trying to keep ahead of some of the power players (you know who you are :D ) is quite a difficult task.

I would also like to thank all those that contribute issues they find in the game and are often there to help me through the process of reproducing errors until it gets fixed and is then great for everyone that follows.

Thank you all that give me all the great encouragement messages to continue to produce more product. I hope to continue and our team of dedicated players grows over time. It is a special game and once you get it, it is great fun.

And for all those that just quietly play in the background. Thank you too, for your support.


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LOGistICAL 2: Vampires

Romania with Vampires at 30% off for first week.
LOGistICAL 2: Vampires is now available as a full release DLC of LOGistICAL 2.
There is a FREE starter section to try it out.

You can purchase LOGistICAL 2: Vampires either through the in-application purchasing or buy the bundle via the Steam Store.

There is a 30% discount for the first week and also a larger discount if you buy it as part of a bundle.

How to Play

For those not familiar with any LOGistICAL, the basic goal of the game is to complete all the towns and businesses throughout a country. This will require keeping up cargo deliveries with town needs. There are many complex supply chains, industries to upgrade (or buy), roads to fix, contracts to complete. Lots of stuff to do.

There are quite a few starter games that you can play to get the hang of it. Try the tutorial (very basic) and Tuvalu, which is quite a large game for a tutorial style game.

How to Play with Vampires

LOGistICAL 2: Vampires introduces a new level of complexity to the game.

There are lots of bats to deal with. They do not harm you or your trucks, but the can nest and lock towns causing trouble.

You may be used to just sending a truck across the country to discover everything quickly. If you do that in "Vampires" you will disturb many bats and next thing you have a big job on hand.
Fixing roads is also not always a good idea to start with as the bats won't cross broken roads. Beware, they will cross road upgrades.

The starting area is a little different to the rest of the map. To wake a bat you will need to enter the cemetery or castle. Once you get out of the first region, just driving past a cemetery or castle will wake the bats.
Hint: Use road upgrades to control where your truck routes to avoid those castles.

The is a bat in each cemetery and many in each castle.

Once a bat starts flying around the map it will be invincible for a short while. It will have a red glow if you can't harm it.

Removing Bats

To get rid of bats you need to use Holy Water. This can be built in many of the churches around the map.
Find churches that require Silver and they may build an Altar. If they do build an Altar, you can deliver water to it to be blessed and transformed into Holy Water.

Deliver Holy Water to places around the map that need it and try to intercept bats flying around. It might be a good idea to park the truck (full of Holy Water) on the road before it reaches its destination. If you do intercept a bat you will stop it and may even get rid of it for ever if you have enough Holy Water.

It is a good idea to find a place to deliver Holy Water to that is on the other side of the bats. That will allow you to create routes right through where the bats are flying around.

Injured bats can heal if they find a town they have not yet nested in.


Once bats are awake and flying around the map, they will find their way to towns and businesses to find places to nest. Bats will only nest in each town once.

A nesting bat will create a pup (baby bat) and then continue to find more places to next. Each other bat that visits the pup will feed it only once and the pup will grow.

Nesting bats will be disturbed by any visiting trucks causing them to stop nesting and fly away.


Vampires (bats) don't like garlic.
Deliver garlic to towns that have nesting bats. Once the garlic level reaches the padlock amount the bat will leave. The bat may be quite large by this stage, so you might want to be ready with some Holy Water.

Once any amount of garlic has been delivered to a towns or businesses, the bats will keep away.


If you get too many bats there are ways of getting back some control over the map.

There are a variety of bombs that you can create to control or get rid of large amounts of bats at once.

To create a bomb you need to build "A Single Storage". These can be built in incomplete or complete towns.

Select the "Build Industry" in the town (if not greyed out) and select "A Single Storage" from the list of industries. Next, select the storage type. There are three bomb types "Apple", "Garlic" and "Holy Water". The rest are just standard storage sheds.

Deliver cargo to the Single Storage. The more cargo, the bigger the bomb (up to 500t per bomb).
Click the "Bomb" icon to arm the bomb. The flashing ring on the map will show you the radius of the bomb. Click OK to ignite the bomb.

Apple Bomb

The Apple Bomb attracts bats. All bats within the bomb radius will fly towards the bomb.
It makes the bats easier to deal with if they are all in the same place.

Garlic Bomb

If you have lots of nesting bats, then look at getting a Garlic Bomb.
The Garlic Bomb will deliver a garlic scent to each town and business within the growing bomb ring. Those on the outer edge of the ring may not get as much.
If the amount of garlic expelled to each town is greater than the padlocked amount, the bat will be expelled from the town.
If there are no nesting bats within the town the garlic scent will just blow away.

Holy Water Bomb

This is the mega bomb of bombs.
Ignite a Holy Water bomb to damage all bats within the expanding bomb radius. Enough damage and the bat will disappear forever.


Some regions (Bucharest and Centru) have very high bat counts and large bats. Be careful entering these areas. Maybe do all the surrounding areas first.

Read your contracts. There can be useful information on them.

Good luck and enjoy,


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Train Stations in Texas

Bigger than railyards
In LOGistICAL 2: USA - Texas everything is bigger.

The town needs are bigger.
The road network is bigger.
The industries are bigger.
The rail system is bigger.
Attractions are bigger.

... and then there were railyards.

Railyards allow you to build a single resource storage facility joining the road and rail systems. They are cheap and do the job well.
But railyards are just not enough for any hard playing LOGistICAL player.


So now I am happy to introduce:

LOGistICAL train stations is a simple tool that will create a train station in an existing town.
ie It links the town to the rail system so now trains can do everything that a truck could do at that town.

Complete a town.
Click on the town to show the town popup.
Click on the orange train icon to build a train station.

  • Train stations can only be a built in completed towns
  • You must have built at least 8 railyards before you can build a train station
  • The town must be within a short distance from a rail switch (1 or 3 or more tracks joining)
  • Train Stations cost 10 x town's population x region multiplier (minimum $100,000)

  • Build #812d on LOGistICAL 2.

    Happy LOGistICAL playing,

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LOGistICAL 2: Indonesia Release

LOGistICAL 2: Indonesia is now available to play as a DLC of LOGistICAL 2.

LOGistICAL 2: Indonesia on Steam

Indonesia - Bali is free to play.
All other regions are in-app pay.
There is an option to buy the entire module with 12 sub-modules at 40% off.
Regions will slowly release every 3-4 days over the next month.
There are count down dates on each region.

LOGistICAL 2 become free to play on Wednesday.


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LOGistICAL 2 Changes (Free to Play)

As of the 28th August 2019 LOGistICAL 2 will be changing the way future modules are put together.

The LOGistICAL 2 game will become the hub of future LOGistICAL maps rather than creating new games for each module.

  • Each new module will be broken down into multiple smaller sub-modules.
  • LOGistICAL 2 will be "FREE to PLAY".
  • Most new maps will contain a free sub-module as a DLC to start.
  • Other sub-modules will be available with in-app purchasing.
  • Bundles will be available to purchase entire modules at once.
  • Sub-modules can have resources dependent on other sub-modules.
  • Sub-module dependencies auto select when clicked.
  • Currencies are automatically converted.
  • Sub-modules will be released weekly (or more frequently).

Example purchase screen.

Steam section of the in-app purchase

The current USA - Washington map of LOGistICAL 2 will become a DLC of LOGistICAL 2 and all current owners will continue to have access to this module.

There will be no change to any LOGistICAL 1 module.
There will be no change to the other existing LOGistICAL 2 modules.

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LOGistICAL 2: Update #791c

Build #791c is a general build to all "L1 to L2" and L2 modules.

I have been working on restructuring the main core code to cater for many smaller modules that will be available via either DLC or in-app purchasing. There is still work to be done in this area but it is fairly close.

After discussion with Steam, LOGistICAL: Indonesia will now be a DLC of LOGistICAL 2.
The first available module of Indonesia will be "Indonesia - Bali". This will be a free module to all owners of LOGistICAL 2. The other islands of Indonesia will be available soon after as a progressive roll-out. I am creating a discount bundle for Indonesia for those that want the entire module.


- Fix for the high scores not being accessible from the Statistics page
- Update on the statistics to include all the town and mailbox totals from all the modules that aren't currently loaded.
- Removal of businesses in high scores from L1 modules
- More work on the map drag and rendering. Nearly all done.
- Optimisations in the running of the game to cater for the larger modules with lots of roads
- New code that requires town fixes before specific roads become available
- Moved the code to connect to Steam further into the code as it isn't initialising fast enough for some players and causing an error
- Added more animations when finishing a town to indicate bonus earned
- Added "?" for unknown inputs into industries
- I added a list of LOGistICAL games that the current module will open in, on the globe page. Mouse over module to view.

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LOGistICAL: Update #784c

This update gives some major overhauls since the L1 to L2 upgrade to make map navigation much faster independent of the map size, map detail, and screen size.
The new method also allows zooming at any value rather than at specific increments.


#784c Updates
  • Reduced the pre-rendered screens to 1
  • Ghosted a larger bitmap image behind the screen when dragging
  • Updated the town popup graphics
  • Updated numbers on the town popup to give decimal places
  • Show the town roads when zoomed out at all resolutions
  • Removal of animations on the town popup
  • Added a link to go back to the globe from the play screen
  • Show town popup on left side of the screen when dragging trucks on the right
  • Fixed some one-way road issues in France
  • Resorted the module list on the globe showing all of the current game's playable modules at the top
  • Updated the L1 to L2 import where some trucks caused problems
  • Fixed some mailbox numbers in statistics
  • Added ticks to contracts so completed ones could be seen when detail is showing


L1 to L2 upgrades
  • LOGistICAL: USA - Florida
  • LOGistICAL: USA - New York
  • LOGistICAL: USA - Oregon
  • LOGistICAL: USA - Wisconsin
  • LOGistICAL: South Africa

I have been too busy with these updates to get the planned modules released, so Indonesia and Vampires have been delayed.

I did create a small new module "Tuvalu", which is available FREE.
It can be loaded through LOGistICAL 2, Washington, Nevada, Belgium or France.

Thanks for your support and patience.

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IMPORTANT: LOGistICAL 1 upgrade to LOGistICAL 2

The time has finally come to upgrade LOGistICAL 1 (L1) into the LOGistICAL 2 (L2) framework.

Over the next few weeks most of the L1 modules will be upgraded into the L2 framework.

Current Status of L1 modules

I will keep this section updated as more modules get upgraded to L2.

Complete on Live
These modules are fully upgraded to the L2 framework and have had their backgrounds upgraded.
Each of these are split into bootable groups. Select any of the modules within the group to be able to play any of the others within that group. For achievements you will need to play the actual game.

  • Group 1
  • LOGistICAL
  • LOGistICAL: Netherlands
  • LOGistICAL: New Zealand
  • LOGistICAL: Germany
  • LOGistICAL: Canada
  • LOGistICAL: Egypt
  • LOGistICAL: USA - Hawaii
  • LOGistICAL: USA - California
  • LOGistICAL: ABC Islands
  • LOGistICAL: Isle of Man
  • LOGistICAL: Tutorial
  • LOGistICAL: Xmas (2017)
    Group 2
  • LOGistICAL: Chile
  • LOGistICAL: British Isles
  • LOGistICAL: Norway
  • LOGistICAL: Switzerland
  • LOGistICAL: Brazil
  • LOGistICAL: Italy
  • LOGistICAL: Switzerland
  • LOGistICAL: ABC Islands
  • LOGistICAL: Isle of Man
  • LOGistICAL: Tutorial
  • LOGistICAL: Xmas (2017)
What this means

L2 is now over 200 builds ahead of L1. Many of these upgrades are L2 specific, but there have been many other nice fixes and features added that will be great for L1 as well.

After all the L2 upgrades and map enhancements, the main differences between L2 and L1 will be the complex roads and the businesses. Businesses are like non-consuming towns, though they sometimes have more functionality.
There are many new L2 modules in development coming out soon, covering many different play-styles as there are many different player preferences.

Partial screenshot of "LOGistICAL: USA - California" in the L2 framework.


How will it work

I am trying to make the L1 to L2 upgrade and save game import process as seamless as possible.

Once the beta testing is complete the L2 framework will go Live for L1. This will start with the main LOGistICAL module and its DLCs and then slowly work across all the other LOGistICAL 1 modules.

The first thing you will notice is the build number at the top of the globe page increasing by over 200 build numbers.

The front page will show you the latest news which is now sourced from an external site and so doesn't require a build to upgrade it.

The save game

A large change in this build is that every module now has its own save game file.

This provides much quicker saving and reduced the complexity with integrated modules.

You will now be able to launch different games via Steam to play simultaneously in different modules without overwriting the save of another module.

The first time you load an L1 module in an L2 framework, you will get the same load window with the same files within it.

Select your L1 save game and it will "import" it into the new L2 framework.

Once the game loads and saves it will create a new file name with the prefix of the module that you played.
Next time you play the same module you will get the new L2 save game.

For example:
Load save game "00277_20190204" from LOGistICAL (California)
It will save as "USCA00002_20190604"

Note: There is no path to go from L2 back to L1.
ie. You cannot open an L2 save game in L1.

If you are not ready to upgrade L1 to L2 yet

For a short period of time I will keep a copy of the L1 build #540 available as a "beta" version called "L1 540"

If you want to continue to play in the L1 framework or wish to put your trucks into strategic positions before the upgrade, you can do this from here.

To open the "L1 540" beta build:

  • Right click on the game within Steam and select "Properties"
  • Select the "BETA" tab
  • Select the "L1 540" build from the drop down list.
  • There is no password required.
  • The old build should now download and you can play as you normally would.

Note: There will be no L2 save games within the load game directory.

If you do this and then wish to get back to the new L2 version, follow the same steps above, but instead select the "NONE: Opt out of all beta programs" option in the drop down list on the BETAs tab.
This will have to be done for each of the LOGistICAL games if you have done it in those as well.

L1 to L2 fundamental differences

There are now independent saves for each module including each DLC (see above for more detail)

Australia (AU) and New Zealand (NZ) are now two totally separate games.
Playing NZ no longer loads AU and there is no path across the Tasman Sea.
New start contracts place you at a port near Auckland.
The industries from AU that were required in NZ have now been added at the Auckland port.
The trucks that were used from AU will not import into L2. Instead there is a new truck depot at the Auckland port were you can buy four new trucks (with boosts).

Global speedups will no longer be global.
All the global speedups that you have earned will import into the new saves.
There are new "local" speedup contracts to help you quickly get some speed in each modules. Most of these start with 5 or less towns to complete.
There are enough "local" speedups to get to the maximum speed of the module.

L2 updates

There have been many fixes and enhancements added since the last L1 build (#540). Most of these are available from the "LOGistICAL News" website that shows on the loading screen.

LOGistICAL News Link[]

The background maps of L2 are vector based (instead of bitmaps) and can give a lot more detail.
The old L1 maps are being slowly upgraded to L2 maps. It makes for a much nicer interface on every zoom level.
Here is an example of an L1 screenshot in L2 (California).


How to beta test

It is great to have as many beta testers on this one as possible.

To try out the new L2 framework with the L1 modules...

  • Right click on the game within Steam and select "Properties"
  • Select the "BETA" tab
  • Select the "L1 to L2 beta" build from the drop down list.
  • There is no password required.
  • The new build should now download and you can play as you normally would.

If you have any issues or questions, post them publicly in the LOGistICAL forum on Steam or the LOGistICAL Discord.

Thanks everyone for playing, beta testing and for coming back here for more LOGistICALling.


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Update #754

A small build with a few important fixes and a nice tool.

  • Added keyboard "F" to toggle better highlight of the end of roads
  • Fixed problem with padlock over input industries showing up at the wrong time
  • Found and fixed problem with top-left buttons disappearing and not reappearing
  • Fixed road contract in USWA that was stopping some games loading
  • Broke the roads in Belgium as they should be

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blog post

Town Score and the High Score Data

A modification to put a "cap" on the amount of points a business could receive was introduced a while ago in L2.

This process basically set a static value of the "truck tonnage" that was delivering to businesses, so you could do it with a large truck or a small truck and it didn't alter the final score for that business.
I think doing businesses with the smallest trucks available that could take days to weeks was just not good for anyone's health. I know. I have done it myself (Xmas 2017).

This "cap" for businesses actually introduced a problem as it also mistakenly applied to the actual towns that use consumption.
This latest for a short while until I noticed and corrected with a build update one day after the release of France.

Now it is time to correct this mistake.

While France is still active with lots of players that haven't completed it yet, this current build has a process that will find missing high score values and replace those missing ones.

To make this work, I am going to move the high score data from France that was posted prior to 2nd May 2019.
When you load your game up a check will be done between the count of towns in your save game and the high score table. It will then upload those missing towns to the high score table and balance will be restored.
The process involves queuing the data as I have found posting them all at once misses a large amount of them.
If it doesn't get them all the first time, it will continue the next to you restart your game. 
If nothing triggers at the start of the game, you can force it to trigger by clicking the statistics (F2).
It will only do it once during any game session.

You should see the data being processed in the "events log" at the bottom right of the screen.

Sorry for any inconvenience and I hope this process goes as smoothly as the test cases.

Happy trucking,

... and now onto the additional build modifications...

Build #753
  • Fixed problem with -ve values for Haulage (visible in to completion screen. ie click on town resources once town is complete). Does not fix current -ve scores retrospectively.
  • Routine to find missing high scores and resend them to the server (you need to be on the module where the missing scores are).
  • Extended routine for missing town highscores to include no towns on highscore server
  • Fixed collection of roads in Suriname
  • Corrected the total town amount in Suriname to 28 towns.
  • Put a ring around incomplete towns to see them better when zoomed out
  • Fixed a couple of rendering issues
  • Set a 1/2 second time delay when sending bulk records to the high score server
  • Set up routine to fix high scores after some get removed due to being incorrect
  • Added text under the % rendering to indicate what is happening
  • Moved the "Loading... " text up from the bottom of the screen
  • Added businesses to "missing towns on high score server" routine

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LOGistICAL 2: Update #722

Just a couple of annoyances being worked on. Neither are perfect yet but will be shortly.

Build #722
  • Ignore zero length roads for upgrades and loading bays.

    There are many zero length roads throughout Nevada. They are recognizable as purple dots that are on the road, usually at a business or town junction. Due to their size it made these points near impossible to select.
    To remove some issues with these in the past, they have been set as the highest level road (hence their colour and size) so they don't need to be upgraded and all trucks can pass on them.

    Now it is time to "ignore" those roads. The first section of code has been implemented that will find all nodes and then move all adjoining roads from one end to the other end.

    Note: This works in most cases, though I have found one spot with multiple zero length roads (purple dots) together with 4 businesses. In this case each business is selectable and loading bays work, but one business gives 2 businesses on the loading bay, another gives 3 and the third and forth gives all 4.
  • Stop regions continuously showing end sequence for each complete business after all towns done.

    Note: This is a first implementation which when found and popping will mark that region as complete to not pop the next time. So for the time being, there will still be a pop for each region each time the game restarts.

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LOGistICAL 2: Update #720

The LOGistICAL 2 toolbox has grown. LOGistICAL 2 introduces a couple of new tools that will assist L2 game play.

Multi road upgrade tool (MRUT)

The MRUT tool will allow you to select many roads with a single click to be upgraded.

When in road upgrade mode (B), hold shift to include selection of all roads that join both ends of the currently selected road.

  • Cargo upgrade resource will be the same for all roads selected
  • Total amount required is approximately the amount of all added road segments
  • Roads of a different size are excluded
  • Roads that are already being upgraded or repaired are excluded
  • Once clicked all highlighted roads are set for individual upgrades with the same resource material.


Loading Bays (Nevada)

A loading bay will reduce the amount of resources needed to complete a group of businesses by up to 70%.

Loading bays service groups of businesses that all join a road junction at the same point.
Select any of the businesses within the junction to create the loading bay for all of them.

Once the loading bay is in place and the businesses turn green, you need to complete at least one resource line from each business within the group and a total of at least 30% of all resource lines across the group of businesses.

  • A loading bay can be bought for any group of 2 or more businesses that join the same road junction.
  • Click the "fork lift" icon in the business popup window
  • Costs depend on the number of businesses and the complexity of the businesses
  • The Loading Bay will join all those business together for a simplified completion goal
  • All loading bay businesses connected to the currently selected business show green on the map.
  • All businesses on the map with a loading bay will have a green tinge.
  • Complete at least one resource line of each business and 30% of the resources lines of all the businesses to complete all the connected businesses
  • Once the goal is achieved the businesses will all complete as per their standard completion routine and the Loading Bay will no longer be available.
  • Some road junctions that have pink dots don't always include all the businesses of that junction.


Other Updates


  • Stopped mouseover of roadworks once complete
  • Fixed problem in the Multi road upgrade tool that caused a system scroll lock when applying single road upgrades.
  • Loading Bay trigger fix
  • Fix for USNY total towns amount in statistics
  • Recode of the casino padlocks.
  • End of region payment fixed
  • Businesses with missing resource fixed
  • Situation when town node is prioritised by road fix node corrected

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LOGistICAL 2: Update #715

A few small issues that made it to live have now been patched.

- Removed incomplete module.
- Stop small trucks from moving large items.
- Fixed 7-Eleven that had empty resource requirement
- Stopped all the businesses showing up before you have found their resources
- Fixed problem with town that had had a road fixed but wasn't complete and thus unable to click on.

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LOGistICAL 2: Update #714

Quite a few minor builds plus a large restructure to the backend to make the loading of save games in V2 much faster.

The save process is different so I suggest you do a game copy (to the right of the load button) just in case. The first time you load there won't be any difference. This only happens after loading the new "save" structure.

There are many more language updates. Thanks to all those that are participating in that. Individual recognition throughout the update notes.

Builds are listed from the latest backwards...

Build #714

- New sort for high score tables that now sort by town, mailbox and then score.
- French translation (thanks HunterBill).

Build #713a

- Changed first casino to open to be Ormsby House which is a level 1 casino
- Fixed problem with casinos levels locking after restart
- Fix of duplicate IDs in businesses causing pink glows to not disappear
- Fix Rank text position on high score popup where module was overwriting instructions

Build #713

- Upgrade of road is darker orange than regular broken road
- Fix all the golf courses access road colours (circle in town popup)
- Monitor upgrades to show change in road access as circle in town popup
- Refresh map when upgrade or road fix is complete
- Fixed problem with road count going down when broken roads are later upgraded.

Build #712

- Set the surrounding one way roads for the road upgrade to be turned off while upgrading.
- Set the speed on the one-way roads that are turned off to be very slow as it will be very dangerous.

Build #711a

- Fixed glitch with circles not disappearing
- Fixed glitch with pin not disappearing

Build #710

W A R N I N G : This build has a new save structure so it is VERY advisable to create a copy of your game before proceeding.

- Fixed a bug that sometimes locked the game on load
- Fixed a bug that sometimes crashed on save
- Fixed a problem when clicking on "Black Rock City" in the truck list, when it was a destination
- Added some French Translation (thanks Hunter Bill)

Build #709

W A R N I N G : This build has a new save structure so it is VERY advisable to create a copy of your game before proceeding.

- Adjusted the save model to speed up the loading of an L2 game (only faster second time round)
- Compression on all the data files.
- Fixed issue with "return to depot" locking the truck in the depot
- Stage 1 of getting the High Score table into the statistics
- File list mouse click shows global towns and mailboxes
- Reduced size of pink dots
- Added more German translations (thanks Metthew)
- Added more Russian translations (thanks airON)

Build #708

- Allow to dump trucks into Belgium mailboxes that have more than one access roads
- Fix the screen animation layer from not clearing causing nice patterns
- Fix for roads not fully rendering in certain modes
- Removal of the "Advanced Navigation" settings that are no longer needed
- Fix if you can't connect to Steam but you can connect to the high score table (and you have some results), the game will still load.

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LOGistICAL 2: Update #707

LOGistICAL 2 (L2) has had a major overhaul to update the rendering engine to cater for the huge amounts of data.
The navigation engine has been rebuilt from the ground up making it very fast, especially for large complex maps like Washington, USA.



There are quite a lot of updates with many of them superseding previous updates, so I will give the summary of it all.
There are tens of thousands of objects in the game. Updating them on the screen when zooming in and out, clicking different things and scrolling the screen around requires quite a bit of finesse to keep things from locking up.

Most updates are best noticed after you have moved around a little and the images and objects get cached. 

My priority for this update is to give the interface control back to you. If you do a lot of things quickly, then the interface should respond much better and not try to finish old updates. When you do stop, then the rest of the maps and roads should then finish processing.

LOGistICAL 2 Game Speed

To make the game run much faster there have been quite a few enhancements.

  • Rewrite of the navigator from the ground up.
    L2 changed the road system from straight lines to complex real mapping including one-way roads, major highway junctions, a huge amount of streets and all those broken roads. This made the old navigation software unsuitable. This software was updated many times but just could not overcome the problems of the larger maps.
    After lots of experiments a good model was formulated but the code was getting too messy so it was time for a complete overhaul. This is now done and it is now much quicker... like, way quicker.
  • Maps, background rendering and icons.
    L1 was originally built with three main map layers, which eventually became just two. The background with roads and icons, and the truck animation layer. The two layers didn't work as well with L2 as the map rendering time was much larger.

    L2 now has four map layers all working independently, enabling even more optimisation into the future.

    Layer 1. The background. This layer is now rendered in sections to enable more complex background polygon structures with things like background graphics, rivers, lakes, town zones, regions, national parks, golf courses and many other interesting mapping objects.
    You can also dull or turn off the background making a black "night" mode.

    Layer 2. The roads. Maps in L2 generally have around 50,000 road segments making lots of rendering difficult. As the map changes over time as it becomes discovered, roads get fixed and/or upgraded, a dynamic rendering approach was still needed.
    The road system now gets rendered only during zooming, scrolling or change. Also to cater for very large maps, rendering can be done in sections enabling visibility while scrolling and more interactions back to the player to zoom or scroll faster.
    The look of the roads has been updated to make them more interesting when zoomed in, especially on large intersections.

    Layer 3. Town and business icons. This layer is updated when you click on town/business icons which will change their colour or drag the truck to find all the towns, businesses, roads or industries that need your cargo. Removing this from the road and background layers makes this interaction instantaneous.

    Layer 4. The animation layer. This layer still contains all the trucks and mouse interaction animations but also includes a few additional things, like the mouse over the truck list showing the truck routes.
LOGistICAL 2 Businesses

L2 has businesses. Businesses are like mini-towns that don't consume resources when you deliver them, making them a more "casual" part of game play. Businesses started out as mailboxes in Belgium, grew to be businesses in Washington USA and now have more purpose in Suriname and Nevada USA.

  • Updated Business Industry Cycle (BIC):
    The BIC is a new method of creating industries in L2. Complete enough of the same group of business types and an industry is built by one of the businesses.
    Nevada has taken this further by adding more businesses and a mini-game to one of the businesses. Nevada also has a combination of finding industries, creating via the BIC, purchasing the initial ones cheaply, just buying them or buying them via the original upgrade method.
  • BIC Sort: Alpha sorted the BIC Help
  • BIC visibility: The BIC originally hid all the industries that businesses built until you had completed enough to show what they were.
    Now all the industries are displayed from the start, so now you know what to aim for.
  • BIC click: Click on the column of the BIC that you are interested in to highlight all the businesses belonging to that group.
  • BIC items: A few items have changed. These changes are global (ie Suriname and Nevada USA).
    - Moved laundry business into clothing
    - Moved kiosk business into shop
    - Added some more industries to Pharmacy
    - Changed the industry order of Fast Food
  • Cycle through Businesses: Click on the left/right (keyboard "," & ".") of the business type icon in the business popup to move to the next/previous found incomplete business of that type on the map.
Business Icon Colours

Clicking on businesses will now highlight all other businesses of the same business type.

  • Light Blue: Businesses of the current selected business type (eg. alcohol also highlights pubs, bars, etc)
  • Dark Blue: Same as light blue but you have started to complete the business.
  • Green: Business is complete and has built an industry at that location.
  • Yellow: Currently highlighted business.
  • Orange: Not a business, its a broken road.
  • White and light coloured: These highlight the businesses that need to be complete to unlock a town.
  • Pink: Special purpose business. When you click on the business type icon in the business popup you get a mini-game.
LOGistICAL 2 Languages

L2 now has the L1 language translations. Additional language updates are still happening now with many thanks to our great LOGistICAL community and all those that have given their time to make this a multi-lingual game.

  • Languages: L2 has lots of updated translations. Not all are complete but we are working hard on it.
    - German (Metthew, Allalinor; ~ SgtFopper ~), 
    - Dutch (Fransiscus), 
    - French (HunterBill), 
    - Russian (Shylight, Mostcus, airOn)
    - Italian (Desangre)
    - Spanish (Matje)
    - Finnish (Zathor).
  • Selection: Language is selected by clicking the flag in the top right corner of the first globe screen.
  • Config File: L2 has a config file that now saves your language selection choice, so you don't have to select it each time you play.

I have finally gotten around to updating the LOGistICAL web site. There is still a lot of backdating to be done.

This web site is now available from the game splash screen and also the game help.
There are links on the site to point you to the Steam community pages, the Steam store and also the community Discord.

LOGistICAL 2 Other Updates

There are lots of updates to make this an even better game. There are still many in the pipeline. Jump on the LOGistICAL Discord to see the full list of everything that has happened, and everything that could happen.

  • High scores now open with a click instead of a hover over.
  • High scores pages can be navigated with the "," & "." keys.
  • Change truck dash to green if speedup is > 8x.
  • Don't allow betting in the casinos if you have no money.
  • Trigger save game when you have played a casino game.
  • Fixed problem where industries that are already built and then upgraded couldn't be bought.
  • Code to remove one-ways from around roads when another close road has reset those one-ways.
  • Added ability to stop upgrade of a top second level road that is being upgraded.
  • Fixed problem when clicking a business type on the BICH screen it was also clicking on the town behind it and changing the selection upon closing.
  • Changed the front page LOGistICAL News to point to an external site.
  • Changed the click on HELP to open the above external site.
  • Modified the display of town/business selection process to do by priority and then latitude.
  • Businesses that are locked behind broken roads don't allow dropping of road resources.
  • Businesses that have broken road on lower tonnage road don't allow dropping of road resources.
  • Dim town when dragging a large truck to a small town.
  • Stop achievements popping for a different module being opened.
  • Updated the roads to be thinner when zoomed out.
  • More visibility of roads, etc when dragging the map.
  • Mouse over truck list now show truck routes.
  • Fixed a bug that locked Nevada on load as it was trying pop a contract from a town not found yet.
  • Turned off ability to drag a truck to the end of a road until I fix some issues with it.
  • Shift "WASD" for faster keyboard scrolling.

Thanks to everyone that helped make these updates possible. The testers, the beta players, the translators and all you LOGistICAL supporters.

Happy playing,

PS. LOGistICAL is on sale at the moment.
50% off LOGistICAL (original)
40% off all LOGistICAL 1 games
30% off all LOGistICAL 2 games (except Nevada just released)
15% off Nevada.
Next sale won't be until at least May 2019

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LOGistICAL 2: Update #674

A minor update to fix a problem with the tutorial not working on LOGistICAL 2 modules.

Also a nice fix to simply to selection of roads to upgrade.


Build #674 on LOGistICAL 2 and LOGistICAL 2: Belgium

  • Faster method for upgrading multiple roads
  • Click the "Upgrade Roads" button or press "B"
  • Click on all the roads that you want to upgrade
  • Click road again to cancel upgrade
  • Click the "Upgrade Roads" (or "B") button to exit "upgrade road" mode
  • Note: There is no longer a verify popup to the process
  • Yellow border around map when upgrading roads
  • Fixed problem with negative speed
  • Fixed problem with maps of Tutorial and Isle of Man not showing
  • Update wording on Tutorial contracts
  • Update wording on Isle of Man contracts

Build #673 on LOGistICAL 2 and LOGistICAL 2: Belgium

  • Some road fixes were showing up in the last 2% of missing towns/businesses
  • Increased last 2% of unfound towns/businesses showing to last 5%
  • Fixed an incorrect road fix count in statistics
  • Cancel upgrade icon changed to an boxed "X"
  • Fixed problem with regions turning grey from yellow mostly due to road upgrades
  • In statistics, region town total wasn't showing green when complete

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LOGistICAL 2: Update #672

There are various fixes in these past few patches.

Most significantly in this release build is a reduction in the size of the large businesses within LOGistICAL: Suriname (Xmas 2018).

The final reduction is as follows...
French Guiana
Guyane = 20% or what it originally was
Wanica = No change
Sipaliwini = 30%
Saramacca = 50%
Paramaribo = No change
Para = No change
Nickerie = 40%
Marowijne = 50%
Coronie = 50%
Commewijne = 50%
Brokopondo = No change

Current high scores achieved will be retained.

There is also a few past fixes that helped finalise modules that disappeared are back (eg. highlight of the last 2% of businesses per region).

The Business Industry Cycle Help (BICH) has undergone updates.

Build details
Build #668
- Fixed problem with some of the L1 modules not loading properly but they now load in L2
- Fixed saving of 10 minute backup files for L2 modules

Build #669
- Fixed problem with towns no longer being found in Belgium
- When mousing over roads for potential upgrade, show the resource required to fix it
- Drag truck to the end of a found road to allow truck to drive there (issue... dragging truck from the end of the road makes the truck jump back to its last town - fix coming)
- Fixed problem with the last 2% of businesses/towns not showing pink glow
- Fix the road to business Akodo near Apatou town
- Fixed 4 areas in Suriname that were inaccessible.(edited)

Build #669(2)
- Reduction of amount of resources in businesses in Suriname

Build #670
- Fix a load error when there is no destination town for a truck (ie at end of a road).

Build #671
- Fix some areas in Suriname which didn't join the central road matrix (there are still a couple to fix).
- Fix to stop 0 length roads being upgraded
- Patch to undo 0 length roads that managed to be upgraded(edited)

Build #672
- Fix error clicking the Business Industry Cycle Help (BICH)
- Updates to BICH
- Added industry titles
- Show industries that can't be obtained. Highlight them red

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LOGistICAL 2: Update #667

Quite a few small updates to make the interface smoother.

Build #667
- Fix mouseover on new pin-striped pins
- Stop selecting the town when it gets a new business auto-industry
- Access to some inaccessible areas in SR
- Added touch control to most of the game

Build #666
- Purple industries show on industry select. Crimson for your own industries.
- Click on the Business Industry Cycle (BIC) to see where the industries are built
- New business icon for food-halls
- Stop blue icons showing up in Belgium
- Stop completed businesses of current selected type (ie blue ones) to not show when hovering, unless they have an industry

Build #665
- Ability to play L1 modules in L2 (beta only so make a copy)
- Industry popup mouse down now shows auto-industries as purple dots and own industries as crimson dots.
- Fixed lockup when industry button clicked when BIC is open.
- Fixed pins-stripes in truck list

Build #664
- Businesses sorted from top to bottom appearing on the screen to give a bit of uniformity to the chaos
- Thicker line on the business driveways when zoomed in.

Build #663
- Striped pins. Hold shift to add and cycle stripe colours for the pins
- Removed completed roadworks from mouse-over selection
- Fixed problem with selection town destination from truck list and ending up at a road works
- Fixed crash problem of selecting road fix too often

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LOGistICAL 2: Update #653

Build #653 on LOGistICAL 2
- Fixed problem with upgrading roads to industries
- Fixed problem when trying to sell a truck
- Stopped L1 modules from loading from the globe until I get them working properly.

Build #650 on LOGistICAL 2
- Added button for upgrading roads with mouseover help on truck dash for L2 modules
- Added button for sending trucks back to depot with mouseover help next to skip, cancel and sell truck
- Restructure of startup globe for L2 games
- Use of high-score table data to populate the globe (numbers may be slightly out until adjustment period is over)
- Auto industry functionality for Suriname (Xmas 2018)
- Set all roads of length 0.01 or less to be made to take 100t trucks, so no upgrading needed.

Build #644 on LOGistICAL 2
- Region titles show as yellow once industry and roads are complete...
... caveat on this fix is that most of the roads are currently residing in the one region within the backend data. This is due to the L1 having each road joining a town and the town providing the region. L2 now has many roads that don't join towns and therefore are not mapped to their region. I do have a database fix for this, but haven't yet coded it into the game.

Build #642 on LOGistICAL 2
- Businesses that unlock a town show up white
- Added 6 new contracts
- Moved the business complete speedup contracts to the global contracts
- Fix when complete town/business has an undefined as a boost
- Fix when complete town/business has NaN as score and efficiency

Build #641 on LOGistICAL 2
- Save a "cancel road upgrade" fixed
- One way roads on 8t and less roads removed when upgraded.
- Toggle "M" key to show where failed navigation tried to find a route. Red, green or blue dots (as per the route colours).
- Minimum upgrade amount set to 1

Build #636 on LOGistICAL 2
- Fix for missing nodes (ie those that were created for a road upgrade) but no longer exist but are still in the truck data
- Fix for doing multiple nodes in a row (eg, a series of road upgrades).

Buld #632 on LOGistICAL 2
- Created low res rivers in USWA
- Make padlock already done colour in dark red
- Fix problem when upgraded road has trucks going to it when its finished and game is also restarted
- Fix problem of road fix to town is same as industry input but fix isn't registered

Buld #630 on LOGistICAL 2
- Adjustment to algorithm to find the closest road when selecting for a road upgrade
- Fixed a problem where the new upgrade materials don't always show.

Buld #629 on LOGistICAL 2
- All found businesses that have a resource that has just been discovered or built (as an industry output) now show immediately on the map.
- Fix padlock position
- Fix problem with trucks being at upgrade points that no longer show after save
- Fix problem of trucks not hovering over resources properly

Build #628 on LOGistICAL 2
- Fixed missing truck error.
- Found and fixed errors associated with upgrading the road to a town.
- Ability to "undo" a road upgrade.

Build #627 on LOGistICAL 2
- Created new industry logic and code for Suriname.
- Created discount industry price logic for future modules.
- Created new cargo size limits for Suriname.
- Added a smaller road size in Suriname.
- Added an indicator in the town popup of the maximum sized joining road.
- Added a orange square with resource type for towns locked by broken road.

Build #626 on LOGistICAL 2
- Fixed road upgrades that didn't work due to attribute that wasn't being updated.
- Fixed town that has upgrade road going to it to work once reloaded. More testing during play.

Build #625 on LOGistICAL 2: Belgium
- Mailbox at same location as Berlare moved a fraction so they don't overlay and you can't complete the mailbox if you did the town first.

Build #624 on LOGistICAL 2
- Click on resources of complete towns caused hanging in USWA. Fixed.
- Road upgrade functionality (beta):
You can now upgrade roads.
Press the "B" key to turn on/off road upgrading (will be a button soon).
Hover over any road less than the highest level motorway. It will show red.
Click on the road to upgrade it.
A message will pop up showing the cost of the road upgrade. Click yes to accept
The road will become broken until you supply the resources to finish the upgrade.
You can upgrade broken roads once they are fixed
You can upgrade the same road multiple times
There is a discount if the road being upgraded joins a larger road than the current one.
The closer the road size to the current the better the discount.

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