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Strategy puzzle games by Sacada

Build #310 Update

A few changes plus also getting ready for Hawaii DLC.

* Added a difficulty level to each of the modules. These are viewed by mouse-over a country on the globe.
Levels are Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme.
There are often two values as each module can take you from one extreme to the other.

* Removed the green glow of the save. You can still see when the save last saved by looking at the date and time. It will auto-save every 10 seconds if you do anything down to moving a truck or arrive at a destination, etc within that 10 seconds.

* Updated the scoring system. Found that the multiplier for the number of resources required for doing a towns escalated the score into the billions. It is now a little less.

* Setting the ground for scores to be on a leaderboards. Are you ready for it?
This will show how you managed your trucks for the duration of a modules.

Better scores when:
delivering less tonnes to the town (ie beating consumption).
the size of the town (population)
the difficulty level of the town (the town multiplier)
the number of resource lines needed
using small and less trucks to do it with
the play efficiency

All this and the formula is view-able by clicking on the score within a finished town's popup.

A few other things.

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