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Strategy puzzle games by Sacada

Build #312

This build is the second part implementation of the globe. Most of it is background that you won't see.

Things that you will see include:

* Roads no longer have two visuals (mouse up or down). These are combined into a single unified view.
- Colour represents speed of the road ranging from red, through yellow and to green for the fastest. There is still bright red for broken.
- Size is for the maximum size of any vehicle that can travel on it. The thicker the road the bigger the truck that can travel on it. The centre line of the road also changes from black to blue for the larger sizes.

* "Disappearing Roads" bug has been found and fixed. This was an intermittent bug that was hard to reproduce. To reproduce it you had to mouse over a truck (it enlarges), move the mouse to the very left or right, mouse down to drag the truck and then zoom the map. Phew, that took a couple of days just to find and about 30 seconds to fix.

* Mouse over Australia in globe now fixed. It used to say Tutorial.

* Tutorial added to globe.

* Set maximum game speed per module. In dense areas like Europe the maximum is 8x, while other less dense places like Australia are 16x.

* Sale of truck money now goes back to wallet. Did you know in the old days you couldn't sell trucks, just delete them. Now you may know how that feels.

* Cancellation of trucks loads now penalises the correct wallet.

* Change the quarantine blinking to use the universal blink function within the game to stop some blinking from being too fast.

* Turn off region areas of map dots at different zoom levels to process map faster. (Will soon be per town dependent on size and isolation).

* Working on language module to display text in different languages.

* Less towns visible in Australia. These have been changed to dots at different zoom factors.

* Quieter default sound effects

* No default music

* Preparation for the LOGistICAL - Germany DLC about to be released.

This beta will go live in around 4 hours.

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