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Strategy puzzle games by Sacada

Build #329

A new build to address lag, fps and lock up issues on LOGistICAL.

Hopefully the game runs smoother for all players, not just those that were having issues to begin with.

The main focus was for the lockup when maximising or enlarging the game.
The secondary focus was to increase the frames per second (fps) from 20 fps to 30 fps.

I decided to allow the game to run 50% faster in all aspects, not just the graphics as it is much more comfortable and enjoyable.

There are a few issues I am still working on that I hope to complete over the next few builds. I noticed sometimes when starting a game there can be stutters in the animations when mousing over towns. These disappear after a few seconds. Also when running at 1080p there is sometimes stuttering when first dragging trucks onto towns. These also disappear after a few minutes of playing.

So overall it is looking better on my boxes and hopefully better on yours as well.

There have also been a few small additions as well.

The popup messages from when towns, industry or road repairs are complete now sits at the bottom right of the screen, once you have completed a bunch of towns (about 50).

Fixed a few flickering issues as well.

Re added the texture maps. Not on by default.

Changed green maps to steel-blue.

Added slider for general gray maps.

Fade out trucks and region titles when looking where to build industries, so you can see the dots.

A few Canada fixes.

This new version is currently on beta for anyone who would like to give it a test run. To be completely safe, use the copy game button next to the load button when you start your game.

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