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LOGistICAL 2: Update #623

A few more updates to the Washington, USA map module as well as updates on the new multi-thread navigation code.

Build #623 on LOGistICAL 2
- New navigation fixes to stop all trucks obeying the rules of 1st or last truck
- ability to zoom in a bit more
- yellowed the region borders
- blued the rivers
- show rivers when scrolling around

Build #622 on LOGistICAL 2
- Fixed new navigation problem with only one truck takes the route with a multi-select
- Fixed problem with trucks of a multi-select are already at the destination and others aren't
- Fixed cake problem in the Poulsbo area of USWA
- "HELP keys" now shows up center screen
- Upgraded road section at Dollar Corner, USWA
- Upgraded road section near Spokane, USWA
- Removed resource from Brady, USWA
- Added padlocks to locked towns for dragging cargo
- Fixed a missing road segment
- Fixed sections where large trucks can't get out of
- Removed lines of the "module completion" section that gave maths errors due to zero towns or trucks

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