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LOGistICAL 2: Update #791c

Build #791c is a general build to all "L1 to L2" and L2 modules.

I have been working on restructuring the main core code to cater for many smaller modules that will be available via either DLC or in-app purchasing. There is still work to be done in this area but it is fairly close.

After discussion with Steam, LOGistICAL: Indonesia will now be a DLC of LOGistICAL 2.
The first available module of Indonesia will be "Indonesia - Bali". This will be a free module to all owners of LOGistICAL 2. The other islands of Indonesia will be available soon after as a progressive roll-out. I am creating a discount bundle for Indonesia for those that want the entire module.


- Fix for the high scores not being accessible from the Statistics page
- Update on the statistics to include all the town and mailbox totals from all the modules that aren't currently loaded.
- Removal of businesses in high scores from L1 modules
- More work on the map drag and rendering. Nearly all done.
- Optimisations in the running of the game to cater for the larger modules with lots of roads
- New code that requires town fixes before specific roads become available
- Moved the code to connect to Steam further into the code as it isn't initialising fast enough for some players and causing an error
- Added more animations when finishing a town to indicate bonus earned
- Added "?" for unknown inputs into industries
- I added a list of LOGistICAL games that the current module will open in, on the globe page. Mouse over module to view.

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