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LOGistICAL 2: Vampires

Romania with Vampires at 30% off for first week.
LOGistICAL 2: Vampires is now available as a full release DLC of LOGistICAL 2.
There is a FREE starter section to try it out.

You can purchase LOGistICAL 2: Vampires either through the in-application purchasing or buy the bundle via the Steam Store.

There is a 30% discount for the first week and also a larger discount if you buy it as part of a bundle.

How to Play

For those not familiar with any LOGistICAL, the basic goal of the game is to complete all the towns and businesses throughout a country. This will require keeping up cargo deliveries with town needs. There are many complex supply chains, industries to upgrade (or buy), roads to fix, contracts to complete. Lots of stuff to do.

There are quite a few starter games that you can play to get the hang of it. Try the tutorial (very basic) and Tuvalu, which is quite a large game for a tutorial style game.

How to Play with Vampires

LOGistICAL 2: Vampires introduces a new level of complexity to the game.

There are lots of bats to deal with. They do not harm you or your trucks, but the can nest and lock towns causing trouble.

You may be used to just sending a truck across the country to discover everything quickly. If you do that in "Vampires" you will disturb many bats and next thing you have a big job on hand.
Fixing roads is also not always a good idea to start with as the bats won't cross broken roads. Beware, they will cross road upgrades.

The starting area is a little different to the rest of the map. To wake a bat you will need to enter the cemetery or castle. Once you get out of the first region, just driving past a cemetery or castle will wake the bats.
Hint: Use road upgrades to control where your truck routes to avoid those castles.

The is a bat in each cemetery and many in each castle.

Once a bat starts flying around the map it will be invincible for a short while. It will have a red glow if you can't harm it.

Removing Bats

To get rid of bats you need to use Holy Water. This can be built in many of the churches around the map.
Find churches that require Silver and they may build an Altar. If they do build an Altar, you can deliver water to it to be blessed and transformed into Holy Water.

Deliver Holy Water to places around the map that need it and try to intercept bats flying around. It might be a good idea to park the truck (full of Holy Water) on the road before it reaches its destination. If you do intercept a bat you will stop it and may even get rid of it for ever if you have enough Holy Water.

It is a good idea to find a place to deliver Holy Water to that is on the other side of the bats. That will allow you to create routes right through where the bats are flying around.

Injured bats can heal if they find a town they have not yet nested in.


Once bats are awake and flying around the map, they will find their way to towns and businesses to find places to nest. Bats will only nest in each town once.

A nesting bat will create a pup (baby bat) and then continue to find more places to next. Each other bat that visits the pup will feed it only once and the pup will grow.

Nesting bats will be disturbed by any visiting trucks causing them to stop nesting and fly away.


Vampires (bats) don't like garlic.
Deliver garlic to towns that have nesting bats. Once the garlic level reaches the padlock amount the bat will leave. The bat may be quite large by this stage, so you might want to be ready with some Holy Water.

Once any amount of garlic has been delivered to a towns or businesses, the bats will keep away.


If you get too many bats there are ways of getting back some control over the map.

There are a variety of bombs that you can create to control or get rid of large amounts of bats at once.

To create a bomb you need to build "A Single Storage". These can be built in incomplete or complete towns.

Select the "Build Industry" in the town (if not greyed out) and select "A Single Storage" from the list of industries. Next, select the storage type. There are three bomb types "Apple", "Garlic" and "Holy Water". The rest are just standard storage sheds.

Deliver cargo to the Single Storage. The more cargo, the bigger the bomb (up to 500t per bomb).
Click the "Bomb" icon to arm the bomb. The flashing ring on the map will show you the radius of the bomb. Click OK to ignite the bomb.

Apple Bomb

The Apple Bomb attracts bats. All bats within the bomb radius will fly towards the bomb.
It makes the bats easier to deal with if they are all in the same place.

Garlic Bomb

If you have lots of nesting bats, then look at getting a Garlic Bomb.
The Garlic Bomb will deliver a garlic scent to each town and business within the growing bomb ring. Those on the outer edge of the ring may not get as much.
If the amount of garlic expelled to each town is greater than the padlocked amount, the bat will be expelled from the town.
If there are no nesting bats within the town the garlic scent will just blow away.

Holy Water Bomb

This is the mega bomb of bombs.
Ignite a Holy Water bomb to damage all bats within the expanding bomb radius. Enough damage and the bat will disappear forever.


Some regions (Bucharest and Centru) have very high bat counts and large bats. Be careful entering these areas. Maybe do all the surrounding areas first.

Read your contracts. There can be useful information on them.

Good luck and enjoy,


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