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LOGistICAL Update #526

A few updates to all LOGistICAL servers covering some new changes both front and back end.


- Filter for industries by 1. number of inputs or 2. type of industry.
S = Storage
♧ = Fruit, vegetables and plants
♥ = Animals
♢ = Minerals
♤ = Geneal Industries

- End of the road of non-discovered towns shows as red dot.

- Keypress for pins. 
P = to cycle through pins. 
O = for pin off.

- Fix for low priority messages not showing up.

- New speedo for high speed vehicles (2x and planes).

- When dragging trucks over the map, tint the town popup the colour of the town that is being hovered over.
- When dragging trucks over the map, darken the town popup for towns whose roads all smaller than size of truck.

- Changed the truck boost amounts in the truck shop to "M" and "k" for large amounts.
- Close the truck list down when selecting a different town.
- Fixed the two achievements that were popping too early from popping too early.
- Stopped depots from having industry purchasing power.

- Fixed another problem with the "low priority" messages closing, or not closing.

- Truck sizes have been reduced on the map
- Trucks are dimmed more when dragging trucks/resources
- Fix for some locking when upgrading industry to level 3

- Region Summary (click right side trophy): Fixed truck IDs.
- Region Summary: Added "SOLD" after truck if truck was sold.

- Updates to tutorials.

- Depots at end of roads not triggering the "visit" if no one ever went back to the depot.

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