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LOGistICAL 3: Earth is here

and it is huge
After a very long development and test time, LOGistICAL 3: Earth is now ready and it is enormous.

LOGistICAL 3: Earth - Steam Store Page

LOGistICAL 3: Earth (LE) covers the entire planet. It now has streaming satellite backgrounds that take you right down to the houses with many photo quality images and Fun Fact about the locations.

There are nearly 50,000 towns and over 160,000 businesses to complete,
Upon release over 3,800 towns and 20,000 businesses have been completed by the testers and they have been working on this for months.

LOGistICAL: Earth includes your standard collection of trucks. It also contains trains, ships and planes.
Each have their own unique properties and will be required to solve many of the puzzles.

Make your way around the planet and slowly discover all the different areas, countries and industries.

New Features:
  • High quality background satellite and/or vector maps. (ctrl-M) to swap between them.
  • New User Interface with a new look.
  • Many new User Interface features.
  • Full town and country search function.
  • Comprehensive Filter tool to reduce clutter around the map.
  • Large lists for your trucks, trains, ships and planes.
  • Hundreds of contracts to do.
  • 100 new resources
  • 100 new industries
  • Huge amount of improvements to make the map and interface render quickly.

This is only just the beginning.
LOGistICAL: Earth will continue to grow. There are many new countries to complete.
I will continue building this game and give you constant FREE updates and FREE new areas to discover.

Released date: 23rd July 2020.

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LOGistICAL 3: Earth Screen Shots

Screen shots of LOGistICAL 3: Earth. Give you a bit of an idea of what its like. Full size images are available on the LOGistICAL Discord.

Some things you might notice in the images...

  • Satellite and other map backgrounds
  • Large truck list
  • Truck flags indicating the depot they came from
  • Ability to park trucks so you can buy more
  • Images for many of the towns and businesses
  • Hyperlinks with more information about the towns and businesses
  • Clusters showing the number of towns and businesses within that area
  • Filters to turn off parts of screen
  • Search to find any of the 50k towns or 180k business including many with local language search
  • Trucks, trains and ships
  • Large amount of contracts
  • Goals: Complete towns, complete businesses, complete clusters, complete contracts, complete regions, complete countries, complete EARTH

There is so much new stuff that hopefully a FAQ will be ready prior to release. Here are some of the answers that you may be asking...

  • Is the entire LOGistICAL 3: Earth (L3E) a single module with a single price... YES.
  • Will the game be release in June 2020... I am trying hard to meet the release date.
  • Will the game run on my old PC... If you have 64 bit Windows with 8 Gigs of RAM then you should be ok.
  • Does L3E require internet... At this point, YES. L3E has on-line hi-res maps and high score charts.
  • Will new content be available after release... YES. At no additional cost

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LOGistICAL 2: USA - Texas

LOGistICAL 2: USA - Texas is out now starting with a FREE sub-module of Southern Texas.



LOGistICAL 2: USA - Texas includes a complex rail system.

The rail system is a secondary network system winding throughout the map just like the road system.
To get resources delivered by rail, you will need to find a point where rail and road join. There is a contract to head you in the right direction.
Once you find the rail depot you will be given a small train to get you started with a contract to help you get the hang of this new toy.


For every 10 businesses you complete you will be given a "railyard" build token. A railyard is a spot on the map that will allow you to transfer resources from trucks to trains and back. It has a large storage capacity of the resource of your choice.

Once you have a railyard build token, you can build a railyard. Just under the "money" panel at the top of the screen you will find a new button with an "R" on it (keyboard "F"). Click this button to create a railyard.
Next drag your mouse over your map and you will see the railyard sending connecting road and rail lines to the nearest junctions (looks like a two legged Daddy Long Legs spider). Find a spot that is close to both rail and road and then click. Anywhere can work as long as both rail and road are visible on the screen.
Next you will get a popup to select the resource type that you would like transferred at that railyard. You can't change the resource of a railyard once complete.

To cancel the railyard placing process, click the button again (or keyboard "F").
To cancel the process when selecting a resource, click the "X" on the resource selection panel.
To sell a railyard click the sell ($) symbol on the storage icon in the town popup of the railyard.


LOGistICAL 2: USA - Texas will be a slow release module like Indonesia.
There are 13 sub-modules and they will release every Friday and Monday (starting on the 4th of October 2019).
The first module is free and it is quite large, including some railway things to do.

You can now buy a DLC bundle that gives you access to all the sub-modules, as a preference to the in-app purchasing (you may even find that it is cheaper with a staring discount).



There are a bunch of modules that are also on sale this week only.

LOGistICAL: ABC Islands (FREE)
LOGistICAL: Brazil
LOGistICAL: British Isles
LOGistICAL: Caribbean
LOGistICAL: Chile
LOGistICAL: Italy
LOGistICAL: Japan
LOGistICAL: Norway
LOGistICAL: Russia
LOGistICAL: South Africa
LOGistICAL: Switzerland
LOGistICAL: USA - Florida
LOGistICAL: USA - New York
LOGistICAL: USA - Oregon
LOGistICAL: USA - Wisconsin


There are a bunch of updates that are also being released across most of the LOGistICAL modules. More info later.

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LOGistICAL 2: France

LOGistICAL 2: France is a large open-world, strategy, puzzle game where you transport different cargoes to complete all the towns throughout the country.

LOGistICAL 2: France has a strong focus on the puzzling aspects of LOGistICAL and takes you back to the non-business town-only playing strategies of LOGistICAL 1 while retaining the high resolution road systems of LOGistICAL 2.

Over 3500 towns and 50 businesses to complete.

Each LOGistICAL module has many unique things to do. In LOGistICAL 2: France you can:

  • Fix roads to towns throughout the complex road system.
  • Most trucks sizes fit on all the roads, even with cargo.
  • There are lots of quarantine zones.
  • Some regions don't allow building any industries.
  • Complex LOGistICAL puzzle solving around the quarantines.
  • Roads to towns are all of the highest quality, so don't need upgrading.
  • Find some of the industries throughout the map. Upgrade them so you can build your own.
  • 13 new industries and 13 new resources.
  • Over 180 industry types.
  • Truck boosts include a super speed multiplier.
  • Module includes contracts to complete for those not knowing just where to start.
  • Businesses don't consume resources.
  • Businesses have a static score this is not based on trucks sizes or amounts.
  • NEW: Information button to show details about any town.
  • NEW: Information button to show details some of the businesses.
  • Pre-rendering of the maps (35km and greater) to bitmap to speed up the game play when zoomed out.

LOGistICAL 2 brings you all the fun and puzzling of LOGistICAL with even more towns, more puzzles and much more to do.

This LOGistICAL 2: France module brings you over 3500 towns to complete.

LOGistICAL 2: France game covers the country of France including cities like Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse and many, many more.
There are many new obstacles and deliveries to make.

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LOGistICAL 2: USA - Nevada

LOGistICAL 2: USA - Nevada is a large open-world, strategy, puzzle game where you transport different cargoes to complete all the towns and businesses throughout the state.

LOGistICAL 2: USA - Nevada includes Casinos, Golf Courses, Ghost Towns, UFOs, Hoover Dam and a Gigafactory.

Over 100 towns and 5,000 businesses to complete. There are 50 types of business to discover.

LOGistICAL 2: USA - Nevada game covers the state of Nevada, USA including cities like Las Vega, Reno, Carson City, Death Valley and many, many more.

Each LOGistICAL module has many unique things to do. In LOGistICAL 2: USA - Nevada you can:

  •  Fix roads to towns, businesses and throughout the complex road system.
  • Upgrade minor roads to enable 8 ton, 20 ton and much larger trucks to traverse.
  • Roads to towns and businesses are all of the highest quality, so don't need upgrading.
  • Find some of the industries throughout the map. Upgrade them so you can build your own.
  • Complete enough businesses and they will build industries for you with the "Business Industry Cycle" (BIC).
  • Incomplete towns will allow an industry to be built. Once the town is complete you can build more.
  • The first industry of any type will be super discounted.
  • Buy a gold mine and then complete casino businesses to play the mini-games within the casinos. Change surplus cash into truck boosts.

  • Over 150 industry types.
  • Over 50 business types.
  • New businesses include Casinos and Golf Courses.

  • Businesses don't consume resources.
  • Unlock towns by completing surrounding businesses.
  • Businesses now have a static score this is not based on trucks sizes or amounts.
  • Complete businesses to gain truck boosts.
  • Truck boosts include a super speed multiplier. Every 5th completed business/town starting with the 4th business (ie 4th, 9th, 14th, 19th, ...).
  • Module includes contracts to complete for those not knowing just where to start. Discover UFOs, Ghost towns, a Gigafactory, Hoover Dam, Burning Man, ++

LOGistICAL 2 contains new features like:

  • New road mapping
  • Hundreds of towns and thousands of businesses and other places to complete
  • Work your way through the long complex maze of road enhancements to finally allow all your large trucks access across the state or country
  • Road upgrading
  • Many, many other small and large puzzles and situations to complete.


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LOGistICAL 2: Suriname (FREE)

Xmas 2018

Thanks to everyone that continues to support LOGistICAL. The game has grown and expanded over the last year, and there are now many modules with very different game-play.

I will continue to support this game as best I can. I am in the midst of joining LOGistICAL 1 (L1) and LOGistICAL 2 (L2).

The L2 launcher is partly complete and is now pulling data from the high score tables. I am now working hard to make sure the high score tables correctly reflect your actual counts and scores. Getting close.

Enough of that... onto the gift.

LOGistICAL 2: Suriname (Xmas 2018)

Suriname is the smallest country within South America. It has been suggested as a module for a long time by an enthusiastic player. The country is mostly jungle, so there are lots of settlements to do.

This gift is now available within the launch globe of all L2 games and I am working hard to try and get it into L1 games (though it will be a while).

L2: Suriname has quite few different rules and therefore strategies...

  • All industries can be built without upgrading them first
  • Incomplete towns can host one industry each
  • First of each industry is 90% discount
  • Industries are automatically built as businesses are completed
  • Completing a single resource in a business will expose the other resources it requires
  • NEW super booster for trucks awarded on town and business completion
  • Roads can be upgraded
  • Low tonnage one-way roads become two way when upgraded
  • Business and town driveways can transport 100t trucks without need for an upgrade

There are a few contracts to help you get started and explain many of these features.

A full change log is available on the Discord server



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LOGistICAL 2: USA - Washington

LOGistICAL 2 is now officially released.

This is now the new base game for the LOGistICAL group of games, though you don't have to start here.

There is a 30% discount (plus another 20% bundle discount for those that have the lot #) for the first week.

There are a lot of new enhancement in this module and I am still working on more that should be released over the next few weeks/months/years.

"Over 500 towns, 2,000 mailboxes and 9,000 other businesses to complete. There are 50 types of business to discover."

What's new

LOGistICAL 2 brings many new enhancements to the game including:

- 50 types of businesses.

New businesses start out as dark red dots on the map until you find at least one industry that can supply them.

Businesses have extremely low requirements and don't consume resources like towns.

- 3 types of broken roads

1. broken roads to the towns. Many towns can't be accessed until the broken road to the town is fixed.
2. broken roads to businesses. Like the town broken roads but orange squares on the map.
3. broken roads throughout the map (orange squares). There are many broken roads throughout the map. Many will stop you from searching parts of the map.
To assist in fixing broken roads on one-way roads, the one-way roads leading up the the broken section get turned off until the repair work has been done.
BE CAREFUL: That last truck load will fix the road and turn the one-way section back on. This can sometimes lock your truck in if there are further repairs required to fix that road.

- Town Locks
To unlock a town you now have to complete the number of businesses within the comet circling the town, that is written on the lock.
Some towns give a head start, so you only have to finish the number on the lock out of the number in the top right corner of the lock (eg 10 out of 15).
The black section of the circle on the lock represents what you don't have to do, while the increasing red shows the ones you have completed.

- Storages
In this module you can buy Storages in any of town (completed or not) right from the start of the game.
There is a limit of 1 storage per town until the town is complete.
The storages contribute to the total number of industries that you can build in a completed town.

Other stuff

- "?" over industry inputs if you haven't found an industry that supplies that input yet.
- Mouse over help to show key shortcuts
- Fix to stop the last large dumping to small requirement places (ie businesses) when the speed of the game is high


Coming soon

- Integration of LOGistICAL 1 and LOGistICAL 2 modules with a launch module and integrated save system.
- Navigation through a maze of broken roads can be complex. I am working on multi-threading for the navigation system so the game doesn't pause when doing long distance or impossible access destinations.

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LOGistICAL 2: Belgium

LOGistICAL 2: Belgium is the first release of this new series, continuing on the slow mapping of the planet.

LOGistICAL 2 has had a major rewrite of the core engine. Instead of having towns across the map joined by roads, there is now a comprehensive road network with towns sprinkled throughout.

You can play on a white or black background, or anywhere in between (see the map slider in the game settings).


LOGistICAL 2 basics

LOGistICAL 2 has its own save game. It is once again small and saves quickly.

Booting LOGistICAL 2 will jump straight into playing Belgium. You can still load any LOGistICAL 1 game from Steam and play at the same time as LOGistICAL 2.

I have written a launch module to integrate both LOGistICAL 1 and 2 which will be released once more testing is complete.

Road Network

The LOGistICAL 2 road network is based on live data with most of the major and secondary roads throughout the country.
LOGistICAL 2 now has 100 times the amount of road segments as before. Belgium has over 50,000 road segments.

Trucks follow the curves of the roads and also obey one-way directions. You may find your truck heading in entirely the wrong direction to find its way out of a one-way road system.

Of course the engine and navigation functionality had to undergo a huge revamp. Initially it would take minutes to find the fastest route across half the country. Now it takes a fraction of a second to navigate the entire country.

Road Maintenance

A lot of Belgium's towns have broken roads leading up to them from the road network.
They need to be fixed for the trucks to be able to get to the town and subsequently "complete" the town.

In order to get to the town and road fix area, the entry way to each town is selected if the town can't get approached.


LOGistICAL 2 introduces mailboxes.

Mailboxes work the same as towns, except they have very small resource needs (usually only one or two and less than two tons each).
Unlike towns, mailboxes don't consume resources, so you can complete one resource and finish the others later.

Mailboxes also hold the keys to locked towns.
Within the mailboxes of a town's region is the ":cleankey: Key to the City" for that town. Complete more mailboxes to find the keys.

Note: I will be releasing a "hint" mechanism to help find those keys over the next few days.


The testers and I are now reasonably comfortable to release LOGistICAL 2.

The testing over the last week has been extensive with many changes and updated requests to make the game play better for you.

There may be a few more smaller updates over the next week to fix a few minor issues. Hopefully no major ones.

Thanks to the many players that support LOGistICAL and look forward to your feedback on the new new style and gameplay.

Happy playing,


PS. Full patch notes will be published soon.

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LOGistICAL: Brazil Release

LOGistICAL: Brazil is large, with large town requirements and NO town consumption. This makes Brazil a more leisurely module to play.

Over 2,000 towns spanning a huge country, including the Amazon and other hidden treasures, Brazil with its "No Consumption" will be a great game to play in the background while playing other modules.
- Don't show score in high score table for idle modules (just Brazil)

Build #515

Build #515 brings a new bunch of requested and other updates that are now available across all the LOGistICAL games/servers.

The Globe

To make it easier to start your game and have a better idea on which module to attach next, the globe has undergone many changes.

- List of modules to left of the globe.
-- Sorted by Last opened, difficulty
-- Number on left is the difficulty order (easiest = 1, hardest = 25). Subjective ratings based on poll
-- Grouped by Installed, not installed, complete.
-- Mouse over to highlight the module and show module information.
-- Click items to load game.
-- Quick view on % of towns complete
-- Mouse over to show towns, roads, upgraded industries and built industries
- Larger default planet
- Smaller truck spikes


Multi Truck select with Shift on the truck list
- Updated the truck start/stop buttons to have the green/red rings over top of the button

- Fixed crash when fixing road next to town with no resource requirements (ie depot)
- Fixed found storages from triggering town resources to be "found". They now have the extra "?" like before.
- Stopped truck window closing after buying a truck
- Removed trucks that you can't purchase from Brazil and Oregon on globe page
- Fixed mouse over on chicken farm to show 3rd output on separate line

In-game achievement popup window

- Industries that only upgrade to lower than 3 level creating gaps in the image.
- Mouse hover was no longer in alignment with pieces of the image
- Changed the hover over to be amounts instead of percentages.

Updates that are already partially released
  • - Changed town score formula for low consumption towns. They no longer score as high (already released in Caribbean).
    - Added a major road in Oregon (already released in OR).
    - Changed a town in NZ to take limestone (already released in main)
    - Changed limestone in NZ to allow level 3 upgrade (already released in main).
    - Fixed help mouseover of "Save" (already released in some modules)

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LOGistICAL: Caribbean

LOGistICAL: Caribbean is now available.

LOGistICAL: Caribbean brings you many new puzzles.

* Planes. Lots of island hopping to get about.
* 20t, 40t and 80t trucks can drive empty on 8t roads and ferries.
* Varied Consumption Rates: Quite a few countries have different consumption rates. All these consumption rates are lower than average. It is kind of like a mini-Xmas, but definitely not as idle. Makes towns look pretty scary.

* Quarantines. Yes. They will make you think a bit.
* There are 27 countries in LOGistICAL: Caribbean spread across many islands. Not all countries are actually in the Caribbean.


Update to all LOGistICAL modules

Build #497
- Now showing non-completed towns that can have the potential to have the specific industry when pressing that industry on the industry window as small grey circles.
- Added the road (R) and industry (I) count to the money window (top center) for the current module. Mouse over will show the target values.

- Added ability for 20t, 40t and 80t trucks to travel empty on 8t roads (selected modules only - ie Caribbean).
- Set the air zones on the map as non-filled circles when a truck is selected and as solid disks when planes are selected
- Higher pay for town completion for certain regions (used within Caribbean)
- Increased the pace of Cottage Architect, House Architect and Building Architect

Globe changes

- Shortened the spikes on the globe for modules that you don't own (or are not installed). The crimson ones.
- Background colour for modules that have been created are now yellow on the globe
- Added the module name to the country if the country belongs to a module belongs with a different title (eg. Jamaica: Caribbean Islands)
- Updated the details of the modules (on the right hand side of screen) when you mouse over a country on the globe.
- Module title now sits below the game (LOGistICAL) title
- Country now appears below the flag

  • A big thanks to the testers that help to get these new modules nicely balanced.

    A big thanks to all those that are out there every day helping others with their comments within the various forums and chat sites. You all make the game so much better.

    A big thanks to all the language translators that help so much.

    A big thanks to all the players that continue to play and enjoy the game which allows me to continue to bring new content and updates to the game.

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LOGistICAL: ABC Islands (FREE)

LOGistICAL: ABC Islands is a free introductory game to the LOGistICAL world.

With 68 towns spanning 3 countries at the bottom of the Caribbean sea, LOGistICAL: ABC Islands brings you some of the basic game play.

Build #486

Build #486 brings a new bunch of requested and other updates that are now available across all the LOGistICAL games/servers.

- Ability for you to change the time saving interval in Settings (big game = big save)
- Manually save by clicking the save icon (top right)
- Save count down timer in front of the save text (bottom center)
- Enlarged yellow town circles
- Numbers on the yellow town circles when dragging vehicle
- Top Number: The number of resources that a town requires (>10 = star)
- Bottom Number: Approximate number of tons required for selected resource
- Lightened the light blue glow behind towns that have industries that will satisfy the town needs
- Added a line from the currently selected town to the town popup
- Added ABC Islands module
- Sound editing on the truck sounds
- Removed the continuous truck murmer when sound is on. Now as short truck sound
- Changed the "Level 3" goal to "Max Level" as some industries don't require a 3 tier upgrade (eg Tutorial)
- Dim the trucks in extra modules when playing more than one module at a time
- Approximate distance indicater when dragging a vehicle
- Updated the Flinders Island tutorial to include \"Basic Mechanics\" of game playing
- Set the Flinders Island industries to not require upgrading (except for the apple orchard, which is a tutorial)
- Fixed new airplane achievements that weren't popping
- Added Xmas2017 achievements to the ABC Islands module
- Added and Xmas2017 flag
- Updated the Tutorial flag
- Removed the constant text over the flags (bottom right), so they only appear on mouseover
- Fixed and highlighted blue the region on the town popup. Clicking will show status circles on the map
- More French Translation (thanks HunterBill)
- More Italian Translation (thanks Desangre)
- More Russian Translation (thanks Shylight)

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LOGistICAL: USA - Wisconsin

LOGistICAL: USA - Wisconsin brings a bit of fresh air after the last few huge modules.

LOGistICAL: USA - Wisconsin is a medium sized module with over 800 towns to conquer.
There are 27 new resources and 27 new industries with even more complex supply chains.
Discovery is quick as you can get around most of the map with only a couple of road fixes.

Fixes and Changes

There are a few changes that come with LOGistICAL: USA - Wisconsin that will also pass down to all the other released modules.
Some have strategic updates.

Night Travel

Travelling at night with less traffic allows your transports to travel 10% faster.

Old Transports Never Die

Trucks are now born with a base deterioration level between 2% and 20%.
Before they would all drop down to 2% eventually, but now you can get those great old beauties that just keep on running pretty well.
When a truck deteriorates, it will run slower. With each passing town the next leg is calculated based on the base on a higher and lower deterioration level.
For example new trucks may run between 90-100%, recalculated every town.
Old trucks may run between 2-??%.
Now some of these older trucks may run between 20-??%.

Large Resources only for Large Transports

There are now resources that are so large they require large transports to haul them.

High Score Sort Order

The default high scores (blue) are now sorted by:
1. Number of towns complete (descending)
2. Score (descending)
3. Time to complete (ascending)

High Score Server

As the high score server is very new, there have been a few teething problems with it and your scores may not be accurate between what you compare them in your statistics (F2) to the High Score tables.
These issues are still being resolved and new methods for getting them synchronised are being developed. I hope to have them all resolved in the next few weeks.

PS. You can navigate through the High Score tables by paging with "<" and ">" keys. These keys can be different for some keyboards "," and ".".

Language Updates

There are a few updates in French and Italian.


Thank you everyone for your on going support and keeping up with these modules.
The Discord is very alive with many players popping in frequently.

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LOGistICAL: Russia

LOGistICAL: Russia is huge. It is over 4 times bigger than the original LOGistICAL.
Now includes air transport with airplanes, airports, airways and airport zones.
More towns, road fixes, contracts, everything.
Over 5,800 towns to complete.
LOGistICAL: Russia has a 30% discount for the first week with additional discounts as part of bundles.

LOGistICAL Updates

LOGistICAL is always being improved, fixed and updated... so here is the latest that you can enjoy in all LOGistICAL modules and DLCs.

* Air Transport:

There are currently three different sized planes.
Planes fly very fast.
Planes can transport large amounts of cargo.
Planes transport from airport to airport.
Airports are surrounded by airport zones.
Planes can collect cargo from towns around airports via conveyor belts.
Conveyor belts can travel on roads according to the plane sizes.
Conveyor belts outside of airport zones travel slower.

* Bookmark pins:

Every town can be bookmarked with a pin upon the map. These pins are saved with your game.

* Map dragging:

Dragging the map required you to find an area where no town existed, in order to not click the town.
Now you can drag from anywhere and the town will only be selected if you don't drag.

* Road repair icons:

Icons appear on all the roads that need repair making it easier to see what resources are needed.

* Drag and Dropping of Trucks:

Trucks can no longer be dropped onto towns that don't have supporting roads for transport.
A black haze appears behind towns if your dragging truck can't be dropped onto it due to road sizes.

Time Stamps

Time stamps are now displayed in the statistics page (F2) for all towns, finished regions and modules.

* End of Region animation and statistics:

Once you finish any region, you get a new end animation sequence displaying your time-line of game play.
After the region is complete, you can bring up the end region statistics window by clicking the region on the achievements popup.

* End/during game statistics:

Similar to the end of region animation is an end of game animation and statistics page.
This page can be accessed at any time by clicking on the right hand (local) trophies icon.

* Multi-modules map dimming:

With the introduction of the Xmas module that covers the entire globe, things are getting a bit crowded.
Non selected modules now dim until a town within them are selected.

* Audit Filter:

The audit function is now filtered to the current module you are playing.

* Optimised code:

Great leaps in optimisation to handle huge modules (like Russia).
Areas of optimisation include finding towns and routing trucks/planes

* Bug Fixes:

Many bug fixes will also be rolled out with the new updates.
Fixes include the truck teleportation bug.


LOGistICAL: Russia and updates will be released to all modules and DLCs on the 8th Feb 2018, and into LOGistICAL: main beta over the next few hours.

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LOGistICAL: South Africa

LOGistICAL: South Africa released.

LOGistICAL: South Africa brings you a smaller module but with lots more puzzles to work through.

LOGistICAL: South Africa includes:
* 3 countries = South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.
* Industry Lock puzzles
* 3 levels of Quarantines
* 6 capital cities (which means 6 lots of 2x speed ups)
* Over 300 towns to complete.

Changes this build are mostly around back end fixes and the multi-truck selection:

* Mouse over on town and truck dims town if truck selected.
* A more solid foundation for the multi-truck select.
* Fixed a few drag issues with mult-truck where trucks already with cargo were being dragged to places that don't require that cargo.
* A few updates for L:California contracts.
* Function Keyboard shortcuts:
- F1 Help
- F2 Statistics
- F3 Settings
- F4 Trucks
- F5 Industries
- F6 Contracts/Achievements
- F7 Audit
* More translation updates in French and Russian
* Different coloured money highlights for the module you aren't playing (ie orange instead of yellow).

A big thanks to all those that have been testing all these updates already and also a thanks everyone for playing and keep up the great feedback.
A big thanks to the translators in all these languages. Excellent work.

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LOGistICAL: Xmas 2017 (FREE)

Xmas gift for LOGistICAL players

Ho ho ho...

Merry Xmas all you wonderful LOGistICAL players.
For the first year of LOGistICAL out on Steam I gift all owners of LOGistICAL with a free module... "Xmas 2017"

Xmas 2017 is similar to other LOGistICAL modules, but once again, different.

In Xmas 2017:

* Towns don't consume resources
* Towns are country sized... in fact, they are countries... and they are huge
* Trucks travel at 256x for all players
* Trucks deteriorate at only 10%
* Costs are reduced to a very low value
* Tuk-tuks are free (don't take advantage of that generosity)

* The game is CASUAL. Take it slow and enjoy.

Its a mini LOGistICAL: Earth.

Start from the North Pole.

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LOGistICAL: Switzerland

LOGistICAL: Switzerland is due for release today.

Although Switzerland may look like a small country on the map, LOGistICAL: Switzerland is large in game play. There are over 1100 towns to complete, many new road puzzles to play and even the industries are not looking very standard in this module.


There is quite a lot of change in this build. Here is the short list:

* There are a few fixes for multi-truck select making it a smoother functionality. There is still more on the way.
* Fix to stop teleporting trucks
* Multi-truck select now functions with the repeat, dump load and start/stop buttons without having to press the control key.
* Pressing the ctrl key while in multi-truck select temporarily turns off the multi select.
* "Skip" load keyboard shortcut added (T)
* "Skip" load has been added to multi-truck select.
* The interface has had a face lift
* A new "Town Needs" interface to make LOGistICAL look prettier

* Multiple file delete. Select a collection of files to delete all at once.
* Updates in Russian, French and Italian
* Saves are now 2 minutes apart and also on game close (with the LOGistICAL close button).
* Saves are asynchronous.

Beta testing

All the above functionality is now available on LOGistICAL (main game only) beta version and will be available upon the Switzerland release due in around 8 hours to all servers.

A big thanks to all those that have been testing all these updates already and also a thanks everyone for playing and keep up the great feedback.
A big thanks to the translators in all these languages. Excellent work.

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LOGistICAL: USA - New York

LOGistICAL grows some more in the USA, introducing New York.

New York is big.
It includes New York City, which happens to be the largest city in the United States.
It also includes the well known boroughs of New York City - the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.
Then stretching all the way to Canada, there is Upstate New York consisting of over 1,000 other towns to complete with areas like Niagara Falls, The Great Lakes, the Appalachian Mountains, the Adirondack Mountains, the Hudson River and many other landmark areas.

Parts of the game include:
* A multi layer road maze to unravel with nearly 2,000 roads to repair
* Large suspension bridges to strengthen
* Supply and finish many large cities
* Work your way through the long complex maze of road enhancements to finally allow all your large trucks access across the state
* Many, many other small and large puzzles and situations to complete.

LOGistICAL: USA - New York brings you all the fun and puzzling of LOGistICAL with even more towns, more puzzles and much more to do.



* More work on the multi-truck select. Mostly backend.
* Update of save process with the roads (backend stuff).
* Ability to uninstall modules but retain the trophies and regional statistics.
* Ability to play offline (wip).

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LOGistICAL: Japan

LOGistICAL expands into Asia, bringing you LOGistICAL: Japan.

LOGistICAL: Japan brings you over 900 towns to complete with 1488 Steam achievements.

LOGistICAL: Japan starts you off on the northern island of Hokkaido. Every region on Hokkaido is represented and there is a lot of work to be done around this island. The game then takes you south to the huge city areas.
This module is easy to begin but gets difficult around the large cities.

LOGistICAL: Japan also reintroduces higher resolution maps to brighten up your game.

A big thanks to Marco (desangre) for mapping out all the Japan industries and providing ideas for Japan's gameplay.

PROMOTION 1 = LOGistICAL: Japan release pack

For a short period there is a new "LOGistICAL: Japan release pack" which includes some of the most popular modules with a few easier ones thrown in.
Pack includes LOGistICAL (original), Japan, British Isles, Chile and US-Oregon.

PROMOTION 2 = LOGistICAL: Beginners

A new pack to help LOGistICAL beginners find their feet.
This pack includes the original LOGistICAL and a collection of the easier LOGistICAL modules (as selected by some of the LOGistICAL testers).
LOGistICAL, US-Hawaii, US-Oregon, US-Florida, Chile and The Netherlands.


Another attempt to make the save game functionality fast, asynchronous and not clash with the Steam API. Fingers crossed on that one.

Modular hi-res map images.

A bunch of little problem fixes.

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LOGistICAL: Chile

LOGistICAL now expands into South America introducing Chile.

At an average of 150 km wide and over 4,000 km long, Chile is quite a unique long country.

LOGistICAL: Chile is a small sized module but full of town challenges and multiple play areas with new discovery contracts.


The main update with this build is the addition of icon links to help pages. There are four main types of help with images, videos, statistics and URLs.

There are a few basic links to begin with and more on the way.

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LOGistICAL: Norway

Now for the second release of the week, LOGistICAL: Norway.

LOGistICAL: Norway is a medium sized module full of town challenges, a quarantine zone, many islands and Norway's famous fjords.

Additionally there is a new local industry and quite a few discovery contracts.

Norway is long and the fjordes are detailed with many towns along the way.


Well plans for the second part of this weeks updates have been trumped by a new Windows 10 OS update causing a few unexpected crashes in LOGistICAL among other things, so unfortunately we will have to wait until next week to see those ones.

I did some more remodeling to the back end to reduce the amount of data being loaded per each module. This may help significantly for those that have had any trouble loading and playing large modules (eg: Germany).

Anyway, enjoy Norway and I will keep mending and building. Thanks for your support.

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