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LOGistICAL: Brazil Release

LOGistICAL: Brazil is large, with large town requirements and NO town consumption. This makes Brazil a more leisurely module to play.

Over 2,000 towns spanning a huge country, including the Amazon and other hidden treasures, Brazil with its "No Consumption" will be a great game to play in the background while playing other modules.
- Don't show score in high score table for idle modules (just Brazil)

Build #515

Build #515 brings a new bunch of requested and other updates that are now available across all the LOGistICAL games/servers.

The Globe

To make it easier to start your game and have a better idea on which module to attach next, the globe has undergone many changes.

- List of modules to left of the globe.
-- Sorted by Last opened, difficulty
-- Number on left is the difficulty order (easiest = 1, hardest = 25). Subjective ratings based on poll
-- Grouped by Installed, not installed, complete.
-- Mouse over to highlight the module and show module information.
-- Click items to load game.
-- Quick view on % of towns complete
-- Mouse over to show towns, roads, upgraded industries and built industries
- Larger default planet
- Smaller truck spikes


Multi Truck select with Shift on the truck list
- Updated the truck start/stop buttons to have the green/red rings over top of the button

- Fixed crash when fixing road next to town with no resource requirements (ie depot)
- Fixed found storages from triggering town resources to be "found". They now have the extra "?" like before.
- Stopped truck window closing after buying a truck
- Removed trucks that you can't purchase from Brazil and Oregon on globe page
- Fixed mouse over on chicken farm to show 3rd output on separate line

In-game achievement popup window

- Industries that only upgrade to lower than 3 level creating gaps in the image.
- Mouse hover was no longer in alignment with pieces of the image
- Changed the hover over to be amounts instead of percentages.

Updates that are already partially released
  • - Changed town score formula for low consumption towns. They no longer score as high (already released in Caribbean).
    - Added a major road in Oregon (already released in OR).
    - Changed a town in NZ to take limestone (already released in main)
    - Changed limestone in NZ to allow level 3 upgrade (already released in main).
    - Fixed help mouseover of "Save" (already released in some modules)

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