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LOGistICAL: British Isles

Updated information on LOGistICAL: British Isles (L:BI).


Naming convention

"LOGistICAL" - the original game which will remain up to date as the others.
"LOGistICAL - moduleWithDash" - an add-on DLC that requires the original game to play.
"LOGistICAL: moduleWithColon" - an independent game that doesn't require the original game to play.

LOGistICAL: British Isles (L:BI)

L:BI is a new fully functioning LOGistICAL game that runs independent to the current LOGistICAL game and its DLCs.

L:BI contains a new tutorial. Much larger than the old one. This tutorial will replace the current tutorials on all games. Achievements for this tutorial will only be available in the L:BI game.

Beta testers have been test playing L:BI for a while now. The game is working well and going to plan. There are still a few issues that I am looking into.

LOGistICAL - United Kingdom (L-UK)

L:BI is the replacement game for L-UK. L-UK was implemented after the achievement cap so I was unable to add any achievements to it.
More details:

L:BI and LOGistICAL share the same game save files. In theory that means that you can play any of the LOGistICAL games and modules from either install. Once L:BI is released all updates will occur simultaneously on both games.
I intend this to work for all upcoming modules, including LOGistICAL: Earth. ie They will be released as full games.

Steam has connected L:BI to L-UK. Therefore when L:BI is release (due date 8th Aug), all owners of L-UK should get L:BI in their library.

L:BI beta on LOGistICAL (335)

L:BI should theoretically be available and playable for all L-UK owners in the current LOGistICAL beta.
I encourage you to try it out, but start the game with a copy of your original as you can't go backwards, as there are additional towns, roads and contracts (not that you will likely need to).
Beta also shares the same game save file with the Live version, so no gameplay will be lost.

Oh, I forgot to mention... there are a bunch of updates in this build which includes the ability to deliver cargo to completed towns. This sorts the issue out for those that want to upgrade all industries to 100% but end up running out of places to deliver it.

To play beta, right click on LOGistICAL in your Steam library. Select properies, betas tab and select "beta" from the drop down list. There is no password required. Click close and the beta version should install. I should only be a small "difference" install from your current LOGistICAL installation.

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