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LOGistICAL - Canada

Edit: Steam publishing is offline over the weekend, so Canada won't be available until 10th July 2017.

Canada is huge. 2nd biggest country on this planet.
Bigger than Australia but many parts not as accessible.
That being said, it will take a lot of travel to play this country.

Canada back story

Welcome to Canada. The second largest country on the planet.

Canada is cut in two after a long cold winter. East to west.

The road at Thunder Bay has been cut off and repairs are under way.
It has been said "There are only two seasons around here. Winter and construction. It is now construction season."

Only long large loaded trucks can get through (ie 40t laden). Smaller trucks can make it though without a load (unladen).

Follow the 40t road to find a truck depot and move the resources east to west and west to east via the storage facilities.

Money will be tight, but you may find some gems around the map.

Get out there and get these towns fixed.


Most of the updates for this latest patch are based around optimising speed and trying to reduce slowdowns.

The groundwork is done and more updates will follow after game stability.

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