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LOGistICAL - Hawaii

Hawaii DLC for LOGistICAL is now available in the Steam store.

Get 30% off the Hawaii DLC for the first week. You can also get an additional 15% off if you purchase it though a bundle.

The Hawaii DLC starts out nice and easy and is great for the beginner as industries slowly unfold.

Get boats to link to the other islands. Only small 8t trucks can fit on the boats.

There are plenty of towns to do from easy to medium level. Upgrade all the industries for extra achievements.

Hawaii pack can be played independently to the other LOGistICAL packs. Once you have completed the tutorial you can start playing Hawaii. You can play Hawaii at the same time as playing Australia or any other DLC (if you haven't already completed them).

You start with your own new bank account, a bit of cash and a supplied vehicle. You do the rest.

There are lots of easy towns to complete and some tougher ones, for those that like that extra challenge.

Relax, enjoy and play away.

"Just one more Town"

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