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LOGistICAL: Italy

LOGistICAL: Italy will be available on the 22nd Aug 2017.

LOGistICAL: Italy is a complex beast adding some new stuff to LOGistICAL, including new town icons (ignore that this image is not properly placed when this screenshot was taken),

LOGistICAL: Italy has been co-designed with Marco Calcaterra (desangre), a local to the region. He not only placed all the industries, but also contributed to a nice complex puzzle using quarantine, islands and a north/south theme. He is now working on translating the game into Italian.

LOGistICAL: Italy creates a great thinking module, so relax and enjoy.

Build Update

There have been quite a few smaller fixes and builds since the LOGistICAL: British Isles release.

* Creation of "Global" contracts. First example is getting a 2x speedup after completing 50 towns. Now this exists as a global contract and is therefore available in all modules whether you are playing LOGistICAL, British Isles or Italy, etc. 

* The map that has been fixed to not scroll beyond the "flat earth" boundaries, has been extended East/West so zooming doesn't drag the map to the left or right of the screen when playing on the outer edges (eg New Zealand and Hawaii).

* Green outlines and shading for the level 3 industries on the Industry and Build screens, so they stand out more.

* Mouse over popup on the build industries to include the size of the industry you are selecting to build, as you move your mouse up and down over the icon.

* Fix on NL to not show both appox and detailed outlines.

* Night/Day transition and texture maps optimised.

* Fix to stop the main globe from going green/blue screen if you click outside the globe.

* Town rarity column on the Statistical LOGistICAL popup (click the total trophies icon to the left of the money). This rarity value is a comparative of how many players have managed to gain that achievement.
This rarity value is from Steam so will only show what is available on whichever module you are playing.

* Load game sometimes doesn't show data. This tends to happen if you load quickly after closing the game and Steam is still in the process of synchronising the save game files. This can get slower if you have a large game and also if you have a huge list of games in your list.

LOGistICAL will create a new save game for you every day, but you are responsible for reducing the amount of games that exist in that list. You will need to use the delete button next to the copy and load buttons. If you try to remove them with your windows explorer, they will sync back from the cloud.

* A couple of fixes and image enhancements of the Statistical LOGistICAL screen.

* Bunch of minor back-end fixes.

LOGistICAL chat

* Created a live Chat on Discord, so you can talk with other logistical players. Learn from those experienced players and I will also try to be there a lot.

Beta Testing

This build will be available for beta testing over the next few hours on both LOGistICAL and LOGistICAL: British Isles.

Thanks for playing.

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