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LOGistICAL - Netherlands

The Netherlands DLC for LOGistICAL is now available in the Steam store.

The pack will take you through the countryside of the Netherlands of tulip fields and windmills.

The Netherlands pack can be played independently to the other LOGistICAL packs. Once you have completed the tutorial you can start playing Netherlands. You can play the Netherlands at the same time as playing Australia or New Zealand (if you haven't already completed them).

You start with your own new bank account, a bit of cash and a supplied vehicle. You do the rest.

There are lots of easy towns to complete and some tougher ones, for those that like that extra challenge.

There are limits on the amount of trucks that you can own (8x8t, 3x20t, 2x40t).

Some of those larger towns can be accomplished easier if you build up your power-ups on those larger trucks.

Netherlands are happy for you to build industries where ever you like (dependent on landscape and environment), though they would like you to keep them to a moderate size.

Not every industry is available as a natural resource, so you may have to look at the shipping ports to assist you. The Dutch have a strong history of trading.

There are lots to do and many achievements to collect for finishing towns, fixing roads and upgrading original industries. Not all achievements have been created yet but they will still be awarded to you once they are.

Relax, enjoy and play away.

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