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LOGistICAL - New Zealand

New Zealand DLC for ANZAC Day 25th April 2017

It is a public holiday for New Zealand and Australia on the 25th of April, so in celebration I am working hard to get the New Zealand DLC release out on ANZAC day.

It will sell for 1.99 plus a 30% launch discount.

There are over 130 towns to complete and a new industry.

There are various levels of difficulty across two islands. There are plenty of easy towns and some are really tough (at least for me).

There are also some new rules, so it is a good idea to read the contract that pops up with the DLC, like how to actually get across the ocean.

New Zealand will allow you to take some of your own trucks that you have from Australia, though there are the usual restrictions on what fits on a ship.
You can buy some more trucks in New Zealand, but their shops work a little differently. There is no endless supply so pimp up what you already have.

Quarantine laws are very strict between the two countries. They are vaguely listed on the contract as well.

There are some more rules, so make sure you read it all.

Enjoy the new challenges.

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