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LOGistICAL: Norway

Now for the second release of the week, LOGistICAL: Norway.

LOGistICAL: Norway is a medium sized module full of town challenges, a quarantine zone, many islands and Norway's famous fjords.

Additionally there is a new local industry and quite a few discovery contracts.

Norway is long and the fjordes are detailed with many towns along the way.


Well plans for the second part of this weeks updates have been trumped by a new Windows 10 OS update causing a few unexpected crashes in LOGistICAL among other things, so unfortunately we will have to wait until next week to see those ones.

I did some more remodeling to the back end to reduce the amount of data being loaded per each module. This may help significantly for those that have had any trouble loading and playing large modules (eg: Germany).

Anyway, enjoy Norway and I will keep mending and building. Thanks for your support.

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