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LOGistICAL: Switzerland

LOGistICAL: Switzerland is due for release today.

Although Switzerland may look like a small country on the map, LOGistICAL: Switzerland is large in game play. There are over 1100 towns to complete, many new road puzzles to play and even the industries are not looking very standard in this module.


There is quite a lot of change in this build. Here is the short list:

* There are a few fixes for multi-truck select making it a smoother functionality. There is still more on the way.
* Fix to stop teleporting trucks
* Multi-truck select now functions with the repeat, dump load and start/stop buttons without having to press the control key.
* Pressing the ctrl key while in multi-truck select temporarily turns off the multi select.
* "Skip" load keyboard shortcut added (T)
* "Skip" load has been added to multi-truck select.
* The interface has had a face lift
* A new "Town Needs" interface to make LOGistICAL look prettier

* Multiple file delete. Select a collection of files to delete all at once.
* Updates in Russian, French and Italian
* Saves are now 2 minutes apart and also on game close (with the LOGistICAL close button).
* Saves are asynchronous.

Beta testing

All the above functionality is now available on LOGistICAL (main game only) beta version and will be available upon the Switzerland release due in around 8 hours to all servers.

A big thanks to all those that have been testing all these updates already and also a thanks everyone for playing and keep up the great feedback.
A big thanks to the translators in all these languages. Excellent work.

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