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LOGistICAL: Xmas 2017 (FREE)

Xmas gift for LOGistICAL players

Ho ho ho...

Merry Xmas all you wonderful LOGistICAL players.
For the first year of LOGistICAL out on Steam I gift all owners of LOGistICAL with a free module... "Xmas 2017"

Xmas 2017 is similar to other LOGistICAL modules, but once again, different.

In Xmas 2017:

* Towns don't consume resources
* Towns are country sized... in fact, they are countries... and they are huge
* Trucks travel at 256x for all players
* Trucks deteriorate at only 10%
* Costs are reduced to a very low value
* Tuk-tuks are free (don't take advantage of that generosity)

* The game is CASUAL. Take it slow and enjoy.

Its a mini LOGistICAL: Earth.

Start from the North Pole.

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