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LOGistICAL in 2020: Lunar New Year Sale

Steam 2020 - Lunar New Year Sale is now on and LOGistICAL is joining in.
Start: Jan 23, 2020
Finish: Jan 27, 2020

LOGistICAL 1 is 50% off
All LOGistICAL 1 DLCs are 40% off
All LOGistICAL 1 stand-alones are 40% off

LOGistICAL 2 is 40% off
All LOGistICAL 2 DLCs are 40% off
All LOGistICAL 2 stand-alones are 40% off

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LOGistICAL Sale. Up to 50% off LOGistICAL and modules

LOGistICAL is having its own special sale.

Last chance to grab cheap modules for a couple of months.

Sacada's Store

50% off LOGistICAL 1 base game.

40% off all LOGistICAL 1 DLCs and standalones

30% off all LOGistICAL 2 stand-alone modules.

FREE LOGistICAL 2: Suriname (Xmas 2018) - with L2 games

FREE LOGistICAL: Xmas 2017


Up to 30% additional discount for bundles

Note: France is too new for a discount.


Sacada's Store

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