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LOGistICAL: Update #784c

This update gives some major overhauls since the L1 to L2 upgrade to make map navigation much faster independent of the map size, map detail, and screen size.
The new method also allows zooming at any value rather than at specific increments.


#784c Updates
  • Reduced the pre-rendered screens to 1
  • Ghosted a larger bitmap image behind the screen when dragging
  • Updated the town popup graphics
  • Updated numbers on the town popup to give decimal places
  • Show the town roads when zoomed out at all resolutions
  • Removal of animations on the town popup
  • Added a link to go back to the globe from the play screen
  • Show town popup on left side of the screen when dragging trucks on the right
  • Fixed some one-way road issues in France
  • Resorted the module list on the globe showing all of the current game's playable modules at the top
  • Updated the L1 to L2 import where some trucks caused problems
  • Fixed some mailbox numbers in statistics
  • Added ticks to contracts so completed …

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IMPORTANT: LOGistICAL 1 upgrade to LOGistICAL 2

The time has finally come to upgrade LOGistICAL 1 (L1) into the LOGistICAL 2 (L2) framework.

Over the next few weeks most of the L1 modules will be upgraded into the L2 framework.

Current Status of L1 modules

I will keep this section updated as more modules get upgraded to L2.

Complete on Live
These modules are fully upgraded to the L2 framework and have had their backgrounds upgraded.
Each of these are split into bootable groups. Select any of the modules within the group to be able to play any of the others within that group. For achievements you will need to play the actual game.

  • Group 1
  • LOGistICAL
  • LOGistICAL: Netherlands
  • LOGistICAL: New Zealand
  • LOGistICAL: Germany
  • LOGistICAL: Canada
  • LOGistICAL: Egypt
  • LOGistICAL: USA - Hawaii
  • LOGistICAL: USA - California
  • LOGistICAL: ABC Islands
  • LOGistICAL: Isle of Man
  • LOGistICAL: Tutorial
  • LOGistICAL: Xmas (2017)
    Group 2
  • LOGistICAL: Chile
  • LOGistICAL: British Isles
  • LOGistICAL: Norway
  • LOGist…

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Update #754

A small build with a few important fixes and a nice tool.

  • Added keyboard "F" to toggle better highlight of the end of roads
  • Fixed problem with padlock over input industries showing up at the wrong time
  • Found and fixed problem with top-left buttons disappearing and not reappearing
  • Fixed road contract in USWA that was stopping some games loading
  • Broke the roads in Belgium as they should be

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Town Score and the High Score Data

A modification to put a "cap" on the amount of points a business could receive was introduced a while ago in L2.

This process basically set a static value of the "truck tonnage" that was delivering to businesses, so you could do it with a large truck or a small truck and it didn't alter the final score for that business.
I think doing businesses with the smallest trucks available that could take days to weeks was just not good for anyone's health. I know. I have done it myself (Xmas 2017).

This "cap" for businesses actually introduced a problem as it also mistakenly applied to the actual towns that use consumption.
This latest for a short while until I noticed and corrected with a build update one day after the release of France.

Now it is time to correct this mistake.

While France is still active with lots of players that haven't completed it yet, this current build has a process that will find missing high score values and repla…

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LOGistICAL Sale. Up to 50% off LOGistICAL and modules

LOGistICAL is having its own special sale.

Last chance to grab cheap modules for a couple of months.

Sacada's Store

50% off LOGistICAL 1 base game.

40% off all LOGistICAL 1 DLCs and standalones

30% off all LOGistICAL 2 stand-alone modules.

FREE LOGistICAL 2: Suriname (Xmas 2018) - with L2 games

FREE LOGistICAL: Xmas 2017


Up to 30% additional discount for bundles

Note: France is too new for a discount.


Sacada's Store

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LOGistICAL by sacada

Want to try a huge puzzle and strategy game? It will take you months to get anywhere near completing.
For the casual or intense gamer. You pick your own pace.
There are lots of easy sections scattered all throughout the game so you don't have to sit frustrated trying to get to the next section.

LOGistICAL by sacada

So you have a transport company which you build up to deliver goods.
Each town across the map needs certain goods. Some easy, some hard and lots in between.

Easy enough... except the towns consume your goods once you have delivered them. You need to keep ahead of those consumers to reach the target for each town.
Some towns want lots of things.

The 100+ industry types pump out the goods you need if you keep them supplied with input goods (eg. mung beans and sorghum to the piggery makes pigs and poop (fertilizer)).

Upgrade these industries to make them produce more and faster.
Get rich and buy your own industries and stick them where you want them... according to regional and environmental restrictions :(

Lots of roads are pretty bad, but if you deliver stuff the road builders they will fix it.

You can use and build stores too, so you can dump a bunch of goods there so the big trucks that won't fit in the towns can move them.

If you don't know where to start, there are a bunch of contracts that you can do. You get bonuses from them as well.

The game is actually based on a real map. All the towns exist, populations reflect and the industries are based on actual or historical data.

The whole game is open plan so you can explore and do whatever towns in whatever order you would like, including many simultaneously. Probably not a good idea to stray too far from the start to begin with.

If I haven't already mentioned, there are trucks to buy, roads to get fixed (including bridges and ferries), industries to upgrade, industries to build and cargo-stores to create.

There are many contracts to fulfil, achievements to earn and strategies that you can apply.

The game is very large with over 1000 towns to solve on the first map. Not sure if anyone will ever solve all of them, but I have been trying hard, doing the most complex ones to make sure they can be done.
There are 100s of industries already built and over 100 cargo types to deliver.
Your saved game is cloud stored, so you can play easily on different computers.

Do a few different towns/suburbs to get the jist of it and then you can relax and enjoy.

LOGistICAL by sacada