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LOGistICAL 2: Update #674

A minor update to fix a problem with the tutorial not working on LOGistICAL 2 modules.

Also a nice fix to simply to selection of roads to upgrade.


Build #674 on LOGistICAL 2 and LOGistICAL 2: Belgium

  • Faster method for upgrading multiple roads
  • Click the "Upgrade Roads" button or press "B"
  • Click on all the roads that you want to upgrade
  • Click road again to cancel upgrade
  • Click the "Upgrade Roads" (or "B") button to exit "upgrade road" mode
  • Note: There is no longer a verify popup to the process
  • Yellow border around map when upgrading roads
  • Fixed problem with negative speed
  • Fixed problem with maps of Tutorial and Isle of Man not showing
  • Update wording on Tutorial contracts
  • Update wording on Isle of Man contracts

Build #673 on LOGistICAL 2 and LOGistICAL 2: Belgium

  • Some road fixes were showing up in the last 2% of missing towns/businesses
  • Increased last 2% of unfound towns/businesses showing to last 5%
  • Fixed an incorrect road fix count in statistics
  • Cancel upgrade icon changed to an boxed "X"
  • Fixed problem with regions turning grey from yellow mostly due to road upgrades
  • In statistics, region town total wasn't showing green when complete

LOGistICAL 2: Update #672

There are various fixes in these past few patches.

Most significantly in this release build is a reduction in the size of the large businesses within LOGistICAL: Suriname (Xmas 2018).

The final reduction is as follows...
French Guiana
Guyane = 20% or what it originally was
Wanica = No change
Sipaliwini = 30%
Saramacca = 50%
Paramaribo = No change
Para = No change
Nickerie = 40%
Marowijne = 50%
Coronie = 50%
Commewijne = 50%
Brokopondo = No change

Current high scores achieved will be retained.

There is also a few past fixes that helped finalise modules that disappeared are back (eg. highlight of the last 2% of businesses per region).

The Business Industry Cycle Help (BICH) has undergone updates.

Build details
Build #668
- Fixed problem with some of the L1 modules not loading properly but they now load in L2
- Fixed saving of 10 minute backup files for L2 modules

Build #669
- Fixed problem with towns no longer being found in Belgium
- When mousing over roads for potential upgrade, show the resource required to fix it
- Drag truck to the end of a found road to allow truck to drive there (issue... dragging truck from the end of the road makes the truck jump back to its last town - fix coming)
- Fixed problem with the last 2% of businesses/towns not showing pink glow
- Fix the road to business Akodo near Apatou town
- Fixed 4 areas in Suriname that were inaccessible.(edited)

Build #669(2)
- Reduction of amount of resources in businesses in Suriname

Build #670
- Fix a load error when there is no destination town for a truck (ie at end of a road).

Build #671
- Fix some areas in Suriname which didn't join the central road matrix (there are still a couple to fix).
- Fix to stop 0 length roads being upgraded
- Patch to undo 0 length roads that managed to be upgraded(edited)

Build #672
- Fix error clicking the Business Industry Cycle Help (BICH)
- Updates to BICH
- Added industry titles
- Show industries that can't be obtained. Highlight them red

LOGistICAL 2: Update #667

Quite a few small updates to make the interface smoother.

Build #667
- Fix mouseover on new pin-striped pins
- Stop selecting the town when it gets a new business auto-industry
- Access to some inaccessible areas in SR
- Added touch control to most of the game

Build #666
- Purple industries show on industry select. Crimson for your own industries.
- Click on the Business Industry Cycle (BIC) to see where the industries are built
- New business icon for food-halls
- Stop blue icons showing up in Belgium
- Stop completed businesses of current selected type (ie blue ones) to not show when hovering, unless they have an industry

Build #665
- Ability to play L1 modules in L2 (beta only so make a copy)
- Industry popup mouse down now shows auto-industries as purple dots and own industries as crimson dots.
- Fixed lockup when industry button clicked when BIC is open.
- Fixed pins-stripes in truck list

Build #664
- Businesses sorted from top to bottom appearing on the screen to give a bit of uniformity to the chaos
- Thicker line on the business driveways when zoomed in.

Build #663
- Striped pins. Hold shift to add and cycle stripe colours for the pins
- Removed completed roadworks from mouse-over selection
- Fixed problem with selection town destination from truck list and ending up at a road works
- Fixed crash problem of selecting road fix too often

LOGistICAL 2: Suriname (Xmas 2018)

Thanks to everyone that continues to support LOGistICAL. The game has grown and expanded over the last year, and there are now many modules with very different game-play.

I will continue to support this game as best I can. I am in the midst of joining LOGistICAL 1 (L1) and LOGistICAL 2 (L2).

The L2 launcher is partly complete and is now pulling data from the high score tables. I am now working hard to make sure the high score tables correctly reflect your actual counts and scores. Getting close.

Enough of that... onto the gift.

LOGistICAL 2: Suriname (Xmas 2018)

Suriname is the smallest country within South America. It has been suggested as a module for a long time by an enthusiastic player. The country is mostly jungle, so there are lots of settlements to do.

This gift is now available within the launch globe of all L2 games and I am working hard to try and get it into L1 games (though it will be a while).

L2: Suriname has quite few different rules and therefore strategies...

  • All industries can be built without upgrading them first
  • Incomplete towns can host one industry each
  • First of each industry is 90% discount
  • Industries are automatically built as businesses are completed
  • Completing a single resource in a business will expose the other resources it requires
  • NEW super booster for trucks awarded on town and business completion
  • Roads can be upgraded
  • Low tonnage one-way roads become two way when upgraded
  • Business and town driveways can transport 100t trucks without need for an upgrade

There are a few contracts to help you get started and explain many of these features.

A full change log is available on the Discord server




LOGistICAL 2 adds complex roads and many new dimensions of gameplay to LOGistICAL.

  • NEW - Businesses
  • NEW - Road upgrading
  • NEW - Complex road systems
  • NEW - One-way roads
  • Many other enhancements

Lots of interesting new gameplay.

LOGistICAL: Brazil is available from the Steam Store

Module features include:

  • Over 2,000 towns to complete
  • A more relaxed idle gameplay
  • No Town Consumption
  • Lots of puzzles
  • Many User Interface improvements to enhance your LOGistICAL experience

LOGistICAL: Caribbean is available from the Steam Store

Module features include:

  • Over 1,100 towns to complete spread across 27 countries
  • Fly between the islands of the Caribbean
  • Drive 20t, 40t and 80t empty trucks on 8t roads
  • Lots of puzzles
  • Reduced consumption for many towns
  • Many User Interface improvements to enhance your LOGistICAL experience

LOGistICAL Build #486

Updates for LOGistICAL games, across all servers.


  • Ability for you to change the time saving interval in Settings (big game = big save)
  • Manually save by clicking the save icon (top right)
  • Save count down timer in front of the save text (bottom center)
  • Enlarged yellow town circles
  • Numbers on the yellow town circles when dragging vehicle    
    • Top Number: The number of resources that a town requires (>10 = star)    
    • Bottom Number: Approximate number of tons required for selected resource
  • Lightened the light blue glow behind towns that have industries that will satisfy the town needs
  • Added a line from the currently selected town to the town popup
  • Added ABC Islands module
  • Sound editing on the truck sounds
  • Removed the continuous truck murmer when sound is on. Now as short truck sound
  • Changed the "Level 3" goal to "Max Level" as some industries don't require a 3 tier upgrade (eg Tutorial)
  • Dim the trucks in extra modules when playing more than one module at a time
  • Approximate distance indicater when dragging a vehicle
  • Updated the Flinders Island tutorial to include "Basic Mechanics" of game playing
  • Set the Flinders Island industries to not require upgrading (except for the apple orchard, which is a tutorial)
  • Fixed new airplane achievements that weren't popping - Added Xmas2017 achievements to the ABC Islands module
  • Added and Xmas2017 flag
  • Updated the Tutorial flag
  • Removed the constant text over the flags (bottom right), so they only appear on mouseover
  • Fixed and highlighted blue the region on the town popup. Clicking will show status circles on the map
  • More French Translation (thanks HunterBill)
  • More Italian Translation (thanks Desangre)
  • More Russian Translation (thanks Shylight)

This release will automatically be available for all LOGistICAL games and DLCs.

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LOGistICAL by sacada

Want to try a huge puzzle and strategy game? It will take you months to get anywhere near completing.
For the casual or intense gamer. You pick your own pace.
There are lots of easy sections scattered all throughout the game so you don't have to sit frustrated trying to get to the next section.

LOGistICAL by sacada

So you have a transport company which you build up to deliver goods.
Each town across the map needs certain goods. Some easy, some hard and lots in between.

Easy enough... except the towns consume your goods once you have delivered them. You need to keep ahead of those consumers to reach the target for each town.
Some towns want lots of things.

The 100+ industry types pump out the goods you need if you keep them supplied with input goods (eg. mung beans and sorghum to the piggery makes pigs and poop (fertilizer)).

Upgrade these industries to make them produce more and faster.
Get rich and buy your own industries and stick them where you want them... according to regional and environmental restrictions :(

Lots of roads are pretty bad, but if you deliver stuff the road builders they will fix it.

You can use and build stores too, so you can dump a bunch of goods there so the big trucks that won't fit in the towns can move them.

If you don't know where to start, there are a bunch of contracts that you can do. You get bonuses from them as well.

The game is actually based on a real map. All the towns exist, populations reflect and the industries are based on actual or historical data.

The whole game is open plan so you can explore and do whatever towns in whatever order you would like, including many simultaneously. Probably not a good idea to stray too far from the start to begin with.

If I haven't already mentioned, there are trucks to buy, roads to get fixed (including bridges and ferries), industries to upgrade, industries to build and cargo-stores to create.

There are many contracts to fulfil, achievements to earn and strategies that you can apply.

The game is very large with over 1000 towns to solve on the first map. Not sure if anyone will ever solve all of them, but I have been trying hard, doing the most complex ones to make sure they can be done.
There are 100s of industries already built and over 100 cargo types to deliver.
Your saved game is cloud stored, so you can play easily on different computers.

Do a few different towns/suburbs to get the jist of it and then you can relax and enjoy.

LOGistICAL by sacada