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Strategy puzzle games by Sacada

Build #288 Update

A large build with lots of mods. If you find anything unstable pm me or post into this forum and I will address it asap.

This build has undergone a huge change to cater for multiple countries and some new rules for the upcoming LOGistICAL - New Zealand package due out next week.

* Update of town graphics
* Update of country graphics
* Inclusion of more accurate vector graphics around land objects
* Redo of the leaderboards (there are around 50 leaderboards running in the background of the game. These will appear in-game soon, but firstly they need to collect the data. There is a problem if too much data is uploaded to Steam too quickly, so have also implemented a queue system to deal with that.
* Restructure of the data packets to deal with countries, states and regions
* Fix for recalling save games
* Addition of the New Zealand data, ready for DLC
* Redo of Northern Territory achievement
* Fix to allow multiple images under the "Achievement" tabs
* Additional truck rules for NZ and subsequent DLCs
* Ability to download leaderboards into the game
* Remove of the truck balloons within completed towns.. bye bye :(
* Graphics for NZ
* Graphics for additional industry and cargo for NZ
* Changed the colour of build 10 level industries from red to green (will update manual and tutes shortly)
* Restructure of all the data files to allow multiple DLCs
* Removal of the vector graphic at startup
* Change to the start screen

Bunches of other smaller fixes, mostly in the depths of the code.

Enjoy and let me know of any issues if you find them.

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