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Strategy puzzle games by Sacada

Build #298

This build has quite a few background changes as well as some foreground ones.

Town and game scores.

This is a BETA version of the scoring system. It takes in many factors about a town and also what was used and how many resources to complete the town. Hover over a completed town to see the score. The score will also appear over the green completed area of the town popup.


Score Popup Window.

Firstly a welcome return to those floating truck balloon :P
Clicking on the score of a completed town in the town popup window will show you a new window which gives you a breakdown of how the score was derived and an image of all the truck loads that were used to complete it. See attached image for detailed info.


Multi-play (not multi-player... yet).

This feature allows you to play many DLCs simultaneously. You can set your trucks running in LOGistICAL or some other DLC, then jump into another DLC and set its trucks running... all at once. With some DLCs running totally independent, this makes a huge amount of play without having to wait around.

Multiple Wallets.

Many DLCs will have their own finances. For example the new Tutorial in this update has its own money that can't be transferred to the main LOGistICAL game. When you click on any town within the Tutorial (or other DLC), the wallet amount will change. There is a flag image on the wallet to show which wallet is being used.
Some wallets are shared. For example, the New Zealand DLC uses the original LOGistICAL wallet.

Filter truck list.

This was already in the last build but is improved. There is an up/down arrow on the top of the truck list. This will filter your trucks to the current country that you are playing in. This helps to reduce the clutter. (Scroll bar or something similar coming soon for the complete long list)

Pulsing quarantine icon.

Yes, finally fixed. The quarantine icons all over the place will pulse if you are dragging a forbidden cargo around the screen. The more places that the item isn't allow, the faster the pulse.

New Beginner's Tutorial.

10 new towns have been created on an isolated island to help noobs from getting too far from the original learning goals. Once the island towns are finished, they will then get a new truck in Sydney.
The other tutorial contracts are still in place, but just retained as additional helpers.

Graphics have been updated once again.

Players are starting to turn the maps off to get a clearer image of the map, so this is now the default for new players. New DLCs will also not have the background graphics, but clear, clean map outlines.

The World Map.

The entire world map has been added to LOGistICAL so the you can now move around all the DLCs on the map and see how they are going. Click on trucks or town destinations on the truck list to quickly jump between the modules.
Note: a 3D glove version will be coming very soon.


Flags everywhere. This is to help you know where you are playing when you have lots of DLCs.
Flags against each truck indicate where the truck is currently at (or at least the next town).
Flags in the wallet indicates which wallet is being used.
Flags in the score popup window indicate where the town is located.

Save player location.

When you restart LOGistICAL you will be transported to the location of the last selected town.

Map zooming

Reduction quality of map information when zoomed out. This helps to have large amounts of map data when zoomed in.

Country abbreviated title in the file save title.

A short 2 letter code is included in the save file, so you will have a better idea of where you were last playing and what is in those other save files.

Leaderboard update.

The leaderboards have undergone an extensive rewrite to accommodate for the way Steam deals with the data and queues. It all seems to work ok now, but I still have to check that all the triggers are in the right spots.

Town and Region Leaderboards

With the new score system there comes leaderboards. All the difficult towns (high population or many resources lines) will have have their own leaderboards within the game (on the score breakdown page).
All scores for every town will also be added up to find the total score for every region, state, country, DLC and the entire LOGistICAL world.
The display of these leaderboards will be in a future release.

Truck limits

Some DLCs can have limits on the amount of each truck type that you can buy, hoping to make the experience more interesting.

Architecture for DLCs.

Boring stuff to talk about... This has been redone to accommodate for upcoming DLCs. There is still some more work to be done to be complete, but most of the work is now done.

Beta Testing

These updates will be available in beta testing for a few hours before the upgrade. Please jump in and try it out and let me know if there are any bugs that were missed or introduced.

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