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Build #305 Update

This is another large build. There is a lot of new things under the hood.

This is the first transition into a new play interface, the Globe.

The Globe

For this build there is only a taste of the new interface. You can't drive your trucks on it... yet. Soon it will be the only interface, so if there are things that you don't like, time to speak up (like zooming might be too slow, for example).

A lot of work to get this globe built and integrated. There are a few glitches that I am still ironing out. Hopefully I will have them done during the week.

You can drag this globe around and also zoom in. You can't zoom to roads... yet, but you can see which countries are available, or you own.

Mouse over any country to get the current info on it. It will also give info about what you have done in that country (just towns, so far). There is also the rules of the country and what aspects of play may be a bit different.

Click on a country that you own and it will jump into the game of that country. Click on the exact place you want to zoom in (eg Sydney or Perth) as it will center that place on the screen.

When mousing around, there is a glitch where sometimes the country info doesn't come up. Just move your mouse over another country and then back to the original and it will show. (Pesky one, that one).

To get back to the globe from the game, click the globe icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

You don't have to use the globe to play once you have selected your first country. The game play area still includes the entire world map.

The globe has a lovely 3d effect. If this is slowing your game down there is a light bulb in the top left of the globe screen so you can turn it flat-ish.

California, USA

The USA is so large that there are around 16,000 towns to do. In order to keep them to sizable chunks, I have split the USA into states.
There will be DLCs covering all these states over time. Some will be grouped. Large ones, like this one, will be independent. Some may rely on other DLCs (I will see about this).

California is huge and interesting. Going from forests, through farmlands and into cities. Not to mention deserts and coastline thrown in.
There are over 1000 towns in the DLC, so plenty to do.
Some of the cities will seem very hard, but I have been doing those toughest ones, so give them a go.

Of course there will be a few new achievements with this one.

Coal in The Netherlands

A new depot has opened up in The Netherlands that takes coal. Fill it up and get that coal industry achievement popped, if you haven't already.

Tutorial update

The tutorial has been updated slightly with a bend in one of the roads and a couple of new places to do.

That bend in the road did catch some out and disabled their trucks for a bit. Anyone having trouble with their game. Let me know and we'll get it sorted.

Beta version

The beta version of this build is now available. The California release will be soon after. Jump in and try it out and let me know of any issues.

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