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LOGistICAL 2: Belgium

LOGistICAL 2: Belgium is the first release of this new series, continuing on the slow mapping of the planet.

LOGistICAL 2 has had a major rewrite of the core engine. Instead of having towns across the map joined by roads, there is now a comprehensive road network with towns sprinkled throughout.

You can play on a white or black background, or anywhere in between (see the map slider in the game settings).


LOGistICAL 2 basics

LOGistICAL 2 has its own save game. It is once again small and saves quickly.

Booting LOGistICAL 2 will jump straight into playing Belgium. You can still load any LOGistICAL 1 game from Steam and play at the same time as LOGistICAL 2.

I have written a launch module to integrate both LOGistICAL 1 and 2 which will be released once more testing is complete.

Road Network

The LOGistICAL 2 road network is based on live data with most of the major and secondary roads throughout the country.
LOGistICAL 2 now has 100 times the amount of road segments as before. Belgium has over 50,000 road segments.

Trucks follow the curves of the roads and also obey one-way directions. You may find your truck heading in entirely the wrong direction to find its way out of a one-way road system.

Of course the engine and navigation functionality had to undergo a huge revamp. Initially it would take minutes to find the fastest route across half the country. Now it takes a fraction of a second to navigate the entire country.

Road Maintenance

A lot of Belgium's towns have broken roads leading up to them from the road network.
They need to be fixed for the trucks to be able to get to the town and subsequently "complete" the town.

In order to get to the town and road fix area, the entry way to each town is selected if the town can't get approached.


LOGistICAL 2 introduces mailboxes.

Mailboxes work the same as towns, except they have very small resource needs (usually only one or two and less than two tons each).
Unlike towns, mailboxes don't consume resources, so you can complete one resource and finish the others later.

Mailboxes also hold the keys to locked towns.
Within the mailboxes of a town's region is the ":cleankey: Key to the City" for that town. Complete more mailboxes to find the keys.

Note: I will be releasing a "hint" mechanism to help find those keys over the next few days.


The testers and I are now reasonably comfortable to release LOGistICAL 2.

The testing over the last week has been extensive with many changes and updated requests to make the game play better for you.

There may be a few more smaller updates over the next week to fix a few minor issues. Hopefully no major ones.

Thanks to the many players that support LOGistICAL and look forward to your feedback on the new new style and gameplay.

Happy playing,


PS. Full patch notes will be published soon.

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