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LOGistICAL 3: Earth is here

and it is huge
After a very long development and test time, LOGistICAL 3: Earth is now ready and it is enormous.

LOGistICAL 3: Earth - Steam Store Page

LOGistICAL 3: Earth (LE) covers the entire planet. It now has streaming satellite backgrounds that take you right down to the houses with many photo quality images and Fun Fact about the locations.

There are nearly 50,000 towns and over 160,000 businesses to complete,
Upon release over 3,800 towns and 20,000 businesses have been completed by the testers and they have been working on this for months.

LOGistICAL: Earth includes your standard collection of trucks. It also contains trains, ships and planes.
Each have their own unique properties and will be required to solve many of the puzzles.

Make your way around the planet and slowly discover all the different areas, countries and industries.

New Features:
  • High quality background satellite and/or vector maps. (ctrl-M) to swap between them.
  • New User Interface with a new look.
  • Many new User Interface features.
  • Full town and country search function.
  • Comprehensive Filter tool to reduce clutter around the map.
  • Large lists for your trucks, trains, ships and planes.
  • Hundreds of contracts to do.
  • 100 new resources
  • 100 new industries
  • Huge amount of improvements to make the map and interface render quickly.

This is only just the beginning.
LOGistICAL: Earth will continue to grow. There are many new countries to complete.
I will continue building this game and give you constant FREE updates and FREE new areas to discover.

Released date: 23rd July 2020.

LOGistICAL 3: Earth Screen Shots

Screen shots of LOGistICAL 3: Earth. Give you a bit of an idea of what its like. Full size images are available on the LOGistICAL Discord.

Some things you might notice in the images...

  • Satellite and other map backgrounds
  • Large truck list
  • Truck flags indicating the depot they came from
  • Ability to park trucks so you can buy more
  • Images for many of the towns and businesses
  • Hyperlinks with more information about the towns and businesses
  • Clusters showing the number of towns and businesses within that area
  • Filters to turn off parts of screen
  • Search to find any of the 50k towns or 180k business including many with local language search
  • Trucks, trains and ships
  • Large amount of contracts
  • Goals: Complete towns, complete businesses, complete clusters, complete contracts, complete regions, complete countries, complete EARTH

There is so much new stuff that hopefully a FAQ will be ready prior to release. Here are some of the answers that you may be asking...

  • Is the entire LOGistICAL 3: Earth (L3E) a single module with a single price... YES.
  • Will the game be release in June 2020... I am trying hard to meet the release date.
  • Will the game run on my old PC... If you have 64 bit Windows with 8 Gigs of RAM then you should be ok.
  • Does L3E require internet... At this point, YES. L3E has on-line hi-res maps and high score charts.
  • Will new content be available after release... YES. At no additional cost

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