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Build #457

No new module this month with so many players still working their way through Russia. Lot of new stuff and build fixes...

Over 70,000 LOGistICAL High Score Tables

LOGistICAL is built over many different games but all plays back to a single huge game, so should the high scores... and now they do.
I have built a LOGistICAL High Score server that will aggregate all your games to a single series of high scores. At this point all high scores are based on town completion. This can expand with player interest.

There are three types of High Scores over the Grand Total, each Module, each Region, each Semi-region and each Town. That is over 70,000 of them, all dynamically created, with includes your Rank in each.

There are three types of High Score tables...

1. Blue:

This sorts by the number of towns completed and duration of play between the first and last towns.
This table is similar to the current ones on Steam but also include the duration of game play with the shortest first.
For Town high scores, it is by the date completed.

2. Red:

These tables sort descending on you aggregated score. To see how a score is calculated click on resource needs of a completed town.
Soon you will be able to replay maps or parts of maps (including specific towns), so you can improve your score.

3. Green:

Efficiency tables are sorted descending on your play efficiency.
Efficiency is the amount of resources at town requires divided by the amount of resources that you delivered.
Efficiency is only calculated at the Town level.

To get to the high scores, click on the left hand "Towns Completed Trophy" on the money window (F2) and hover over any of the blue, red or green columns. It may take a second to first download a result.
Click on any row to drill into the Module, Region and Sub-Region.


High score tables are now visible if you:
- mouse over the left trophy on the money window (total towns complete)
- mouse over the right trophy on the money window (module towns complete)
- mouse over the town title on the town window (current town)
- mouse over the sub-region title on the town window (sub-region towns complete)
- mouse over the regions title on the town window (regions towns complete)

At this point only towns of currently loaded modules are loaded into the statistics screen. I will soon include the towns when clicked on a sub-region.

Game data is uploaded to the server when the game is saved (every 2 minutes and upon X exit of the game).
Back dated game data is uploaded by the module at every save (2 minutes) until all modules have been uploaded. This is a once only process and once complete shouldn't happen again.
There is only 1 copy per SteamID per town, so any players that have multiple games running will only get the first uploaded. Subsequent uploads will fail with a data conflict.

There are many future things that can come out of these tables.
For example getting notified if you have moved up a place when completing towns. Being notified of interesting high score facts of other players. Tagging friends so you can see how they are doing.

Town Icons at 50% Region Completion

Once you reach 50% towns completed within a Region, the icons of those not finished change from grey to red. If the town has an industry it will show purple.

Air Transport fixes/enhancements

A few new fixes for the Air Transport including:
- If you deliver to a town and achieve something (ie town finish, industry input full, road fixed), then the conveyor belt will auto retract to the airport, instantly.

Brighter maps

The maps' overlay has been dimmed to show the underlying map better. Brighter in the day and darker at night.

Region Circles

Already, if you click on an incomplete region in the achievements window, it will show town circles indicating completion status for each town of that region.
This can now also be done by clicking the region title in the town popup window.

To turn the circles off, click a town on the map.

Multi Module play

If you play multiple modules at once, the current non-played one will dim.
Towns with resources in other modules won't show up when hovered over.

Multi truck save hotspot

The 1,2,3,4 hotspots for the multi-truck save were slightly out. Fixed.

Xmas Scores are Huge

The Xmas scores for completing towns often sit in the billions and even trillions, which throw out the overall grand total.
These scores are now divided by 1,000,000 so they sit better with the overall scores, especially the totals.
These will be evident from the start on the High Score tables. If they don't update on your statistics page, open the Xmas module and then save.

Industry Upgrade at High Game Speed

When upgrading industries at high game speeds, an 8t truck can't effectively complete 2 x 4t town upgrades.
This would most likely be due to the huge speeds blowing the cargo out of the top of the truck. Tarpaulins for the trucks should stop this (or a code tweak).


The menus where looking a bit worse for wear, so have been given a redo.
Money at the start was showing various incorrect values. Fixed
Money and Buttons window now showing up on startup. Fixed


There are many other smaller fixes as well.

This version is now available on LOGistICAL [beta] and LOGistICAL:Russia [beta]. Feel free to test it now.
The final version should be released over the next week.

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LOGistICAL: Russia

LOGistICAL: Russia is huge. It is over 4 times bigger than the original LOGistICAL.
Now includes air transport with airplanes, airports, airways and airport zones.
More towns, road fixes, contracts, everything.
Over 5,800 towns to complete.
LOGistICAL: Russia has a 30% discount for the first week with additional discounts as part of bundles.

LOGistICAL Updates

LOGistICAL is always being improved, fixed and updated... so here is the latest that you can enjoy in all LOGistICAL modules and DLCs.

* Air Transport:

There are currently three different sized planes.
Planes fly very fast.
Planes can transport large amounts of cargo.
Planes transport from airport to airport.
Airports are surrounded by airport zones.
Planes can collect cargo from towns around airports via conveyor belts.
Conveyor belts can travel on roads according to the plane sizes.
Conveyor belts outside of airport zones travel slower.

* Bookmark pins:

Every town can be bookmarked with a pin upon the map. These pins are saved with your game.

* Map dragging:

Dragging the map required you to find an area where no town existed, in order to not click the town.
Now you can drag from anywhere and the town will only be selected if you don't drag.

* Road repair icons:

Icons appear on all the roads that need repair making it easier to see what resources are needed.

* Drag and Dropping of Trucks:

Trucks can no longer be dropped onto towns that don't have supporting roads for transport.
A black haze appears behind towns if your dragging truck can't be dropped onto it due to road sizes.

Time Stamps

Time stamps are now displayed in the statistics page (F2) for all towns, finished regions and modules.

* End of Region animation and statistics:

Once you finish any region, you get a new end animation sequence displaying your time-line of game play.
After the region is complete, you can bring up the end region statistics window by clicking the region on the achievements popup.

* End/during game statistics:

Similar to the end of region animation is an end of game animation and statistics page.
This page can be accessed at any time by clicking on the right hand (local) trophies icon.

* Multi-modules map dimming:

With the introduction of the Xmas module that covers the entire globe, things are getting a bit crowded.
Non selected modules now dim until a town within them are selected.

* Audit Filter:

The audit function is now filtered to the current module you are playing.

* Optimised code:

Great leaps in optimisation to handle huge modules (like Russia).
Areas of optimisation include finding towns and routing trucks/planes

* Bug Fixes:

Many bug fixes will also be rolled out with the new updates.
Fixes include the truck teleportation bug.


LOGistICAL: Russia and updates will be released to all modules and DLCs on the 8th Feb 2018, and into LOGistICAL: main beta over the next few hours.

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