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LOGistICAL: Caribbean

LOGistICAL: Caribbean is now available.

LOGistICAL: Caribbean brings you many new puzzles.

* Planes. Lots of island hopping to get about.
* 20t, 40t and 80t trucks can drive empty on 8t roads and ferries.
* Varied Consumption Rates: Quite a few countries have different consumption rates. All these consumption rates are lower than average. It is kind of like a mini-Xmas, but definitely not as idle. Makes towns look pretty scary.

* Quarantines. Yes. They will make you think a bit.
* There are 27 countries in LOGistICAL: Caribbean spread across many islands. Not all countries are actually in the Caribbean.


Update to all LOGistICAL modules

Build #497
- Now showing non-completed towns that can have the potential to have the specific industry when pressing that industry on the industry window as small grey circles.
- Added the road (R) and industry (I) count to the money window (top center) for the current module. Mouse over will show the target values.

- Added ability for 20t, 40t and 80t trucks to travel empty on 8t roads (selected modules only - ie Caribbean).
- Set the air zones on the map as non-filled circles when a truck is selected and as solid disks when planes are selected
- Higher pay for town completion for certain regions (used within Caribbean)
- Increased the pace of Cottage Architect, House Architect and Building Architect

Globe changes

- Shortened the spikes on the globe for modules that you don't own (or are not installed). The crimson ones.
- Background colour for modules that have been created are now yellow on the globe
- Added the module name to the country if the country belongs to a module belongs with a different title (eg. Jamaica: Caribbean Islands)
- Updated the details of the modules (on the right hand side of screen) when you mouse over a country on the globe.
- Module title now sits below the game (LOGistICAL) title
- Country now appears below the flag

  • A big thanks to the testers that help to get these new modules nicely balanced.

    A big thanks to all those that are out there every day helping others with their comments within the various forums and chat sites. You all make the game so much better.

    A big thanks to all the language translators that help so much.

    A big thanks to all the players that continue to play and enjoy the game which allows me to continue to bring new content and updates to the game.

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