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LOGistICAL: USA - Wisconsin

LOGistICAL: USA - Wisconsin brings a bit of fresh air after the last few huge modules.

LOGistICAL: USA - Wisconsin is a medium sized module with over 800 towns to conquer.
There are 27 new resources and 27 new industries with even more complex supply chains.
Discovery is quick as you can get around most of the map with only a couple of road fixes.

Fixes and Changes

There are a few changes that come with LOGistICAL: USA - Wisconsin that will also pass down to all the other released modules.
Some have strategic updates.

Night Travel

Travelling at night with less traffic allows your transports to travel 10% faster.

Old Transports Never Die

Trucks are now born with a base deterioration level between 2% and 20%.
Before they would all drop down to 2% eventually, but now you can get those great old beauties that just keep on running pretty well.
When a truck deteriorates, it will run slower. With each passing town the next leg is calculated based on the base on a higher and lower deterioration level.
For example new trucks may run between 90-100%, recalculated every town.
Old trucks may run between 2-??%.
Now some of these older trucks may run between 20-??%.

Large Resources only for Large Transports

There are now resources that are so large they require large transports to haul them.

High Score Sort Order

The default high scores (blue) are now sorted by:
1. Number of towns complete (descending)
2. Score (descending)
3. Time to complete (ascending)

High Score Server

As the high score server is very new, there have been a few teething problems with it and your scores may not be accurate between what you compare them in your statistics (F2) to the High Score tables.
These issues are still being resolved and new methods for getting them synchronised are being developed. I hope to have them all resolved in the next few weeks.

PS. You can navigate through the High Score tables by paging with "<" and ">" keys. These keys can be different for some keyboards "," and ".".

Language Updates

There are a few updates in French and Italian.


Thank you everyone for your on going support and keeping up with these modules.
The Discord is very alive with many players popping in frequently.

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