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LOGistICAL - Egypt

Egypt DLC for LOGistICAL is now available in the Steam store.

Get 30% off the Egypt DLC for the first week. You can also get an additional 15% off if you purchase it though a bundle.

LOGistICAL grows into Aftica with the addition of Egypt.

Over 130 New towns to Complete. Lots more achievements.

[h2]Back Story[/h2]
The annual flooding of the Nile has occurred (Wafaa El-Nil). There is a two weeks holiday for all... except you.

Supplies need to get from the main coastal towns and delivered upstream to the flood isolated towns. Fresh water is need from the Aswan dam to those affected downsteam.

Due to dense population the towns are huge and their needs are high. You may want to build up your industries before you do the towns.

You can build industries where possible and create "Storage Depots" where necessary.

The towns need you so get to work.

The towns in Egypt have dense populations. This means that most of the towns are very large. You may want to increase the size of the industries in order to be able to supply these towns/cities.

Egypt is an independent game that you can play at the same time as the main LOGistICAL game (and other add-ons). It has its own money, trucks and of course, challenges. So once installed and tutorial played, you can start playing this pack.

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