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LOGistICAL: USA - Florida

LOGistICAL: USA - Florida is now available and will be discounted for the first week of release.

* Deliver Cape Canaveral's long list of needs.
* Sort out the fishing quarantine issues along the Florida Keys
* Build you own industries to sort out the fruit and vegetable quarantine areas
* Supply and finish many large cities
* Work your way through the long complex maze of road enhancements to finally allow all your large trucks access across the state
* Many, many other small and large puzzles and situations to complete.

LOGistICAL: USA - Florida brings you all the fun and puzzling of LOGistICAL with even more towns, more puzzles and much more to do.


Over 700 towns to Complete.
LOGistICAL: USA - Florida game covers the US state of Florida including cities like Tallahassee, Orlando, Miami, Tamp, Jacksonville and the Keys.
There are many new obstacles and deliveries to make.

LOGistICAL: USA - Florida is an independent, standalone game independent from the main LOGistICAL game (and other add-ons).
It has its own money, trucks and of course, challenges.

Updates for all Modules

With the release of Florida comes a few new updates.

Click Towns in Statistics

Towns within the Statistics (F2) popup are now clickable and will open up the clicked town and center the map on that town.

You can also stop the map from centering if you hold (ctrl) while clicking the town.

Keyboard shortcuts update

Additional and modified keyboard shortcuts include:

* -/+ = Game speed up/down
* 0/9 = Game speed min/max
* H = Toggle tooltips on/off

Other stuff

Other stuff ramping up for the next big release.

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