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LOGistICAL 2: Update #672

There are various fixes in these past few patches.

Most significantly in this release build is a reduction in the size of the large businesses within LOGistICAL: Suriname (Xmas 2018).

The final reduction is as follows...
French Guiana
Guyane = 20% or what it originally was
Wanica = No change
Sipaliwini = 30%
Saramacca = 50%
Paramaribo = No change
Para = No change
Nickerie = 40%
Marowijne = 50%
Coronie = 50%
Commewijne = 50%
Brokopondo = No change

Current high scores achieved will be retained.

There is also a few past fixes that helped finalise modules that disappeared are back (eg. highlight of the last 2% of businesses per region).

The Business Industry Cycle Help (BICH) has undergone updates.

Build details
Build #668
- Fixed problem with some of the L1 modules not loading properly but they now load in L2
- Fixed saving of 10 minute backup files for L2 modules

Build #669
- Fixed problem with towns no longer being found in Belgium
- When mousing over roads for potential upgrade, show the resource required to fix it
- Drag truck to the end of a found road to allow truck to drive there (issue... dragging truck from the end of the road makes the truck jump back to its last town - fix coming)
- Fixed problem with the last 2% of businesses/towns not showing pink glow
- Fix the road to business Akodo near Apatou town
- Fixed 4 areas in Suriname that were inaccessible.(edited)

Build #669(2)
- Reduction of amount of resources in businesses in Suriname

Build #670
- Fix a load error when there is no destination town for a truck (ie at end of a road).

Build #671
- Fix some areas in Suriname which didn't join the central road matrix (there are still a couple to fix).
- Fix to stop 0 length roads being upgraded
- Patch to undo 0 length roads that managed to be upgraded(edited)

Build #672
- Fix error clicking the Business Industry Cycle Help (BICH)
- Updates to BICH
- Added industry titles
- Show industries that can't be obtained. Highlight them red

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