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LOGistICAL 2 Changes (Free to Play)

As of the 28th August 2019 LOGistICAL 2 will be changing the way future modules are put together.

The LOGistICAL 2 game will become the hub of future LOGistICAL maps rather than creating new games for each module.

  • Each new module will be broken down into multiple smaller sub-modules.
  • LOGistICAL 2 will be "FREE to PLAY".
  • Most new maps will contain a free sub-module as a DLC to start.
  • Other sub-modules will be available with in-app purchasing.
  • Bundles will be available to purchase entire modules at once.
  • Sub-modules can have resources dependent on other sub-modules.
  • Sub-module dependencies auto select when clicked.
  • Currencies are automatically converted.
  • Sub-modules will be released weekly (or more frequently).

Example purchase screen.

Steam section of the in-app purchase

The current USA - Washington map of LOGistICAL 2 will become a DLC of LOGistICAL 2 and all current owners will continue to have access to this module.

There will be no change to any LOGistICAL 1 module.
There will be no change to the other existing LOGistICAL 2 modules.

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