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Train Stations in Texas

Bigger than railyards
In LOGistICAL 2: USA - Texas everything is bigger.

The town needs are bigger.
The road network is bigger.
The industries are bigger.
The rail system is bigger.
Attractions are bigger.

... and then there were railyards.

Railyards allow you to build a single resource storage facility joining the road and rail systems. They are cheap and do the job well.
But railyards are just not enough for any hard playing LOGistICAL player.


So now I am happy to introduce:

LOGistICAL train stations is a simple tool that will create a train station in an existing town.
ie It links the town to the rail system so now trains can do everything that a truck could do at that town.

Complete a town.
Click on the town to show the town popup.
Click on the orange train icon to build a train station.

  • Train stations can only be a built in completed towns
  • You must have built at least 8 railyards before you can build a train station
  • The town must be within a short distance from a rail switch (1 or 3 or more tracks joining)
  • Train Stations cost 10 x town's population x region multiplier (minimum $100,000)

  • Build #812d on LOGistICAL 2.

    Happy LOGistICAL playing,

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